Why suicide cases are increasing, ‘It is important to understand the symptoms of depression’ – Dr. Rahul Chandok


Why suicide cases are increasing, ‘It is important to understand the symptoms of depression’ – Dr. Rahul Chandok

Dr. Rahul Chandok.

Dr. Rahul Chandok.

In the current hectic lifestyle, many times people start feeling weak. The situation becomes such that they start doubting everything around them. If this situation becomes serious then the person starts becoming a victim of depression and due to this, some people even commit suicide. Dr. Rahul Chandhok, Head Consultant, Mental Health and Behavioral Science, Artemis Hospital, Gurugram said this. He said that recognizing the symptoms of depression and preventing suicide cases is complex. This requires a comprehensive strategy.

‘Try to hide emotions by smiling’

Dr. Chandok said that by identifying the symptoms of depression at the initial stage, it becomes possible to provide treatment before the condition worsens. Regarding its symptoms, he said that sudden increase or decrease in appetite, increasing negativity about life, feeling more tired, feeling useless, changing sleep pattern and trying to hide emotions by laughing or smiling etc. are among its symptoms. Are.

People should be made aware through campaigns

Dr. Chandok said that even today people are shy to talk to doctors regarding mental health. For this reason many people fall prey to severe depression. Therefore, if you ever feel that you or someone close to you has any such symptoms, leave aside this hesitation and immediately talk to a doctor. This will prevent the situation from becoming serious. Both therapy and medication help in treating depression. According to the World Health Organization, India has the highest number of depressed people.

Unfortunately, mental problems are not taken seriously at the social level here. For this reason the suicide rate is very high here. Dr. Chandhok said that people have to be made aware of the importance of good mental health for a good life. They need to be told that there is no shame in consulting a doctor for such problems. There is a need to create awareness about mental health from an early age. People should be made aware through workshops and various campaigns.

‘Hesitate to discuss mental stress’

Dr. Chandok said that we should create a supportive environment for people facing any difficulty, so that they do not feel alone. A survey conducted by UNICEF and Gallup in 2021 revealed that Indian youth are reluctant to discuss mental stress. Only 41 percent of the youth aged between 15 to 24 years considered it comfortable to seek help from someone in such matters. According to the World Children Report, an average of 81 percent people in 21 countries believe this. He said that benevolent behavior without prejudging anyone can help in controlling the cases of suicide. Listen to people carefully and make them feel a sense of belonging.

Suicide can be prevented through collective efforts

Dr. Chandok sent health workers, teachers and other related professionals to train them in this regard. This will make it possible to recognize the symptoms in time and provide necessary support. He said that in such matters constant care is needed. The danger does not go away once you come out of depression. Such feelings can remain in the mind. Even after treatment, it is important to stay with them and keep an eye on possible symptoms, so that they do not fall prey to depression again. He said that collective efforts are needed to prevent suicide cases. Family, society and government all have a role in this. If anyone around you is having such symptoms, immediately consult a mental health expert.

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