While sleeping at night, you suddenly get leg cramps and severe pain? You will get relief in 5 ways


While sleeping at night, you suddenly get leg cramps and severe pain?  You will get relief in 5 ways

Leg Cramps: Stiffness of legs or severe cramps at night is a common problem. Many people suffer from this problem. Even during deep sleep, stomach cramps suddenly occur and there is severe pain. Sometimes this pain becomes very unbearable. No concrete reason for sudden leg cramps has been revealed yet, but by adopting some methods, immediate relief from pain can be found.

There is a strong strain in the muscles.
Stiffness in the legs is a painful experience. In this problem, the veins of the legs suddenly start shrinking, due to which the victim has to face terrible pain. This pain can last from a few seconds to a few minutes. According to Cleveland Clinic, some health conditions and some medicines can be the cause of this problem.

Problems increase with increasing age
Leg cramps occur at night when you are either asleep or your body is not very active. As age increases, the frequency of leg cramps also increases. In fact, the tissues connecting bones and muscles naturally become smaller with age. The problem of leg cramps is more common in women than in men.

Do these things after having cramps
If you face the problem of leg cramps, then it is important that you start exercising regularly. If this does not happen, the problem of cramps starts emerging. Along with this, if leg cramps occur, one can get relief to a great extent by adopting some methods.

Massage – If you suddenly get cramps while sleeping at night, you should immediately start rubbing that area vigorously with your palms and give massage. With this, the muscles will gradually start relaxing and you will start getting relief.

stand up – Whenever you get cramps in your legs, after the massage, stand up and press your legs towards the floor, due to which the contracted veins will feel stretched and they will start coming back to normal position.

Apply heat – Whenever leg cramps occur, using a heating pad or warm bath can be very beneficial to relax the nerves. After cramps, the pain sometimes persists for hours. This method will provide considerable relief from pain.

Apply cold – Just as a heating pad provides relief from cramps, applying a cold towel or ice cubes on the cramped area provides great relief.

walk- If you get leg cramps, you can also do walking. While walking, move your legs, this will relax the nerves and gradually you will start feeling relaxed.

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