Thyroid Disease: Do not ignore thyroid symptoms, otherwise your health will be adversely affected.


Thyroid Disease: Do not ignore thyroid symptoms, otherwise your health will be adversely affected.

How to prevent thyroid and what are the symptoms.

How to prevent thyroid and what are the symptoms.

Thyroid Disease: In today’s time, due to changing lifestyle, the risk of many diseases is increasing. One of these is the problem of thyroid, which is mainly seen in women. However, thyroid disease is also seen in men. According to health experts, this disease occurs when the hormonal balance in the body gets disturbed (Hormonal Imbalance).

Actually, there is a butterfly-shaped thyroid gland in the throat, which produces hormones. When for some reason the functioning of this endocrine gland is affected, the hormonal balance gets disturbed. Due to this reason one has to face thyroid problem. The patient of this disease has to face many other health related problems. Most people do not pay attention to the changes happening in their body, due to which many times they have to face serious problems.

How many types of thyroid are there?

There are two types of thyroid. The problem of ‘hyperthyroidism’ occurs due to excessive production of thyroid hormone in the body, but when the amount of hormone in the body decreases, then the person becomes victim of the problem of ‘hypothyroidism’. If the initial symptoms of thyroid are taken care of, then this disease can be controlled. Therefore, do not ignore its symptoms.

These symptoms are seen in case of hyperthyroidism

People suffering from hyperthyroidism experience symptoms like weight loss, increased appetite, rapid heart beat, nervousness, unnecessary irritability, excessive sweating, weakness and body ache.

These symptoms are seen in hypothyroidism.

People suffering from hypothyroidism have to face problems like excessive hair fall, fatigue, swelling on the face, low heart beat, stiffness in muscles, feeling stressed, pain in joints.

Keep distance from these things

If you are seeing symptoms of thyroid in your body, then do not consume soybean and its products. It is said that soybean contains phytoestrogen, which affects the functionality of the enzymes that produce thyroid hormones. Apart from this, a person suffering from this disease should avoid consuming things made from caffeine, alcohol, excessive sweets, processed foods, tea and coffee.

Bring changes in your diet

To stay healthy, it is important that you take out some time for yourself in the morning and exercise. Walking or working out is very beneficial in case of thyroid problem. By doing this weight is reduced. Therefore, include vegetables like bottle gourd, ridge gourd, parwal, mushroom in your diet. Apart from this, you should include foods like coconut water, cow’s milk, green tea, almonds, peanuts in your diet.

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Disclaimer: This news is based on general information. Before implementing these methods and suggestions, definitely consult the concerned expert.

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