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Take special care of the elders of the house in winter, see what precautions to take and how to take care

How to take care of the elders of the house in winter

How to take care of the elders of the house in winter

Winter Care For Seniors: The biggest effect of winters is seen on the health of children and the elderly. It is said that after an age the elders of the house become like children once again. They also have to be taken care of like the children of the house, many things have to be explained with love and sometimes by scolding. In such a situation, the way children are taken care of in the winter season, similarly the elders of the house are also taken care of. Especially such elders who are more than 60 years of age, more attention is needed to take care of them. If there is a slight negligence in this, then they have to face many health related problems. In such a situation, here we are sharing those tips, so that you can take good care of the elders of your house during the winter season.

Take special care of these things for the elderly

, The problem of diabetes and hypertension is most common in the elderly during the winter season. These problems increase a lot in this season.

, It is very important to have blood circulation in any human body. In such a situation, the problems of the elderly increase in the winter season. Because due to cold many times their blood becomes a little thick, due to which the contraction of the pulse increases.

, Along with this, heart problems start increasing in the elderly in winter. Actually, as soon as winter comes, there is a change in the food habits of the people. People start eating more ghee along with meat, fish and drink less water. Due to which there is more pressure on the heart and heart related diseases increase.

, In the winter season, any disease easily engulfs the elderly. Actually, their body’s immunity decreases in this season. Then the effect of climate change is also visible on them.

Take care of the elderly in this way in winter

1. To prevent cold, elders should wear woolen clothes, it is very important to have socks in their feet, gloves in their hands and a cap on their head. Apart from this, you can use heating devices for warmth.

2 Apart from this, decoction is a panacea to prevent seasonal diseases occurring in winter. That’s why, in the growing cold, the elderly must be given decoction of things like basil, ginger, turmeric regularly. Along with this, you can also remove their digestive problems with the decoction.

3. In the winter season, there are problems in the knees of the elderly. To reduce such problems, you can use hot bags and heating pads.

4. You can also arrange for bed warmers for your elders. With the help of bed warmer, they will get a lot of warmth and they will be able to sleep peacefully. The best thing would be that his back would not stiffen.

5. The skin of the elderly becomes very dry in winter. Because of which they start having problems like itching. You can use coconut oil to prevent the skin from getting dry. Coconut oil can be massaged on the whole body of the elderly.

6 Apart from this, we all need vitamin D and fresh sunlight. In such a situation, you can make the elderly sit in the sun every morning, so that they will not feel bored, as well as the body will get vitamin ‘D’ in abundance.

7. Apart from this, lukewarm water should be given to the elderly to drink in winter. If possible, give them lukewarm water to drink throughout the day. This will reduce the effect of cold on them.

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