Symptoms of dementia: Dementia patients are increasing, know the reasons and methods of prevention


Symptoms of dementia: Dementia patients are increasing, know the reasons and methods of prevention

Dementia patients on the rise.

Dementia patients on the rise.

Symptoms of dementia:Dementia is becoming a worldwide problem today. According to WHO, the number of its patients worldwide is increasing by one million every year. At present, this disease is the seventh biggest cause of death. However, if it is treated at the right time, it can be avoided. Today we will tell you things related to dementia.

due to dementia

forgetting about things

Forgetfulness is the initial symptom of this disease. In this disease, people start forgetting normal things and works, which they used to do regularly. For example, forgetting something someone said, keeping some belongings and so on. Because of this the person starts getting upset. In such a situation the person should not be left alone.

change in behavior

It has been seen in this disease that there is a lot of change in the behavior of the people. If someone suddenly starts remaining calm or suddenly starts abusing, then it is considered as a symptom of dementia. In such a situation, more care should be taken of the person. Along with this, he must be shown to the doctor.

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having mood swings

One of its main symptoms is frequent change of mind. In this disease, the person is considered to be suddenly angry or nervous, depressed and hopeless. In such a situation, one should keep talking to the patients and care should be taken that the patients do not hurt themselves.


For its treatment, first of all you should meet the doctor and follow the medicines and diet given by him.

Along with this, you should exercise regularly. Also you should read books as per your choice.

You should play some such game, in which the brain is used more.

One should be with people and keep talking.

Should go for a walk early in the morning.

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