Surya Kumar Yadav will undergo Sports Hernia surgery, know what is Sports Hernia disease?


Surya Kumar Yadav will undergo Sports Hernia surgery, know what is Sports Hernia disease?

Sports Hernia Surgery: Cricketer Surya Kumar Yadav has withdrawn from the T20 match series with Afghanistan due to sports hernia. Soon he will undergo Sports Hernia Surgery in Germany. You must have heard about hernia disease many times, but do you know about sports hernia? In sports hernia disease that occurs in the lower abdomen and around the waist, the ligaments, muscles or tendons get stretched or torn. Let us tell you that cricketer KL Rahul was also suffering from sports hernia and he too had undergone surgery for it in Germany.

webmd According to , sports hernia mostly occurs in players involved in sports, although it is not necessary that this problem occurs only in players. Sports hernia is not like a normal hernia. For this reason, most people in the medical profession call it athletic pubalgia.

Sports hernia occurs due to this reason
High-intensity sports like football, wrestling in which you have to put more weight on the lower part of the waist, these sports can cause hernia. By playing these games, many times the soft muscles in the lower abdomen of the players get torn. Apart from playing these sports, there are some other reasons due to which sports hernia can occur. As:

  • Shaking or rotating the hips vigorously. Jumping hard, kicking etc.
  • Weakness of stomach muscles.
  • Lack of proper sports condition.
  • Difference in strength between abdominal and hip muscles.

Symptoms of sports hernia

  • Severe pain at the time of injury.
  • Difficulty in identifying the exact location of pain.
  • Feeling pain while kicking, jumping, doing sit ups or rotating the waist.
  • Pain occurs when sneezing or coughing.
  • Pain that goes away at rest but comes back during sports activity.

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