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Stay away from myths, epilepsy treatment is possible

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is a brain-related disease, whose treatment is possible. But many myths are prevalent among the people regarding this. Know the truth about these myths, causes, symptoms and treatment of the disease.

Many of the problems that result from disorders in the brain are prevalent social myths. is also one of them. Whereas on getting proper treatment, the epileptic patient can lead a normal life after recovering completely. Day is celebrated every year on this day (17 November) to spread awareness among the common people. Know the important things related to it.

What is Epilepsy: Epilepsy ie Epilepsy is a disease related to the brain in which there are repeated seizures. These seizures end in a while, but the patient has no control over the movement of the body during this time. This movement can be in one part of the body or in the whole body. When nerve cells in the brain release electrical charges at a faster rate than normal, it causes an electrical storm in the brain called a seizure.

Major symptoms: Body movement and sensations are affected. Tingling Smelling something that isn’t really there. emotional change. Loss of vision, hearing and sense of taste and loss of consciousness.

Cause: Deep head injury due to fall. Diseases like stroke, brain tumor, dementia, Alzheimer’s. Infections like meningitis, brain abscess, AIDS. Congenital mental problem. Emotional stress, lack of sleep. Having some complications during pregnancy. Excessive consumption of alcohol. Abnormality of the blood cells of the brain can be the reason.

Treatment: About 80 percent of epilepsy cases can be cured by medicines. In very rare cases, where the patient’s condition does not improve with medicines or other treatments, surgery is required.

Myth-Fact: There are many myths prevalent among people about epilepsy, whose truth you must know.

Myth: Epilepsy is caused by witchcraft.

Fact: Epilepsy has nothing to do with witchcraft. It is a mental illness, which occurs due to short circuit in the brain, due to which the sufferer has seizures.

Myth: Intelligence is affected by epilepsy.

Fact: People who have epilepsy have the same IQ level as normal people. Yes, people suffering from this disease may have learning difficulties.

Myth: Epilepsy is a serious disease characterized by repeated seizures.

Fact: Many epileptic patients have frequent seizures, some have daily seizures and some once in a year. Some patients do not have seizures for a decade or more.

Myth: Epileptics cannot lead a normal life.

Fact: This disease should not prevent you from performing well in studies or at work. People suffering from this disease can marry, increase their family. By managing this disease with medicines and other measures, a normal life can be lived. Yes, such people should stay away from driving and swimming.

Myth: As soon as someone has an epileptic fit, a spoon or finger should be put in his mouth immediately.

Fact: If you forcefully put something in the mouth of a person who has had a stroke, it can damage his teeth, his gums can be cut. Some people make the victim smell the shoe when he has a seizure, this is also a completely wrong remedy.

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