Snoring Side Effects: If you snore… it can lead to cancer, research revealed


Snoring Side Effects: If you snore… it can lead to cancer, research revealed

This disease can occur due to excessive snoring.

This disease can occur due to excessive snoring.

Snoring Side Effects: Man gets tired by working from morning till evening in his daily life. Snoring while sleeping is natural. If this happens to us, it causes trouble to our spouse and many other people in the house, but do you know that excessive snoring causes many diseases. Which has a bad effect on health. Some people suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) due to snoring, i.e. stopping breathing for some time while sleeping. Research conducted by health experts revealed that the disease ‘OSA’ increases the risk of people getting throat cancer.

Health experts did research

According to health experts, ‘OSA’ is a disease related to snoring during sleep. It works to stop breathing during sleep. If people who snore have such symptoms. So he may become a victim of cancer. Research conducted by the European Respiratory Society in Barcelona has shown that people who are overweight, have diabetes and consume alcohol or smoke have an increased risk of developing OSA.

Helpful in reducing oxygen level in blood

Other research conducted by experts has shown that the disease ‘OSA’ is associated with the decline in many powers of the elderly. It is mainly seen in people above 74 years of age. Experts say that in the third research we found that obstructive sleep apnea i.e. ‘OSA’ reduces oxygen in the blood of people. If breathing stops for a long time, there is a higher risk of many other diseases like BP, heart related problems, cardiac arrest.

Cancer screening before treatment

Doctors must find out the cause of cancer before starting treatment for people with OSA. Research conducted by experts has revealed many findings that can cause cancer. Many times the patient even loses his life due to this.

Lack of oxygen can cause cancer

Research conducted by doctors has shown that OSA patients have a higher risk of cancer, but due to lack of knowledge earlier, many causes of OSA were not known. During this he said that the researchfindingsIt was found that lack of oxygen in the blood due to OSA can increase the problem of cancer.

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