Sleep Anxiety: If you also do this work before sleeping, then there may be problem of sleep anxiety.


Sleep Anxiety: If you also do this work before sleeping, then there may be problem of sleep anxiety.

What is sleep anxiety?

What is sleep anxiety?

Sleep Anxiety:To keep the body healthy, it is important to have a healthy diet and exercise daily along with good sleep. Sleep also affects your health. Many problems can be kept away by getting good sleep. If there is lack of sleep, then the risk of many health problems in the body also increases. In today’s time, the changing lifestyle of people also affects sleep. At present, most of the people are suffering from sleep problems, which is one of the diseases of sleep anxiety.

Nowadays people are becoming victims of this disease the most. Due to this disease not being detected on time, many health issues arise. Therefore, today we will tell you what is Sleep Anxiety and about its symptoms. So that you can easily identify this disease.

What is Sleep Anxiety?

Sleep anxiety is a disease in which a person worries too much. Because of this he is unable to sleep properly and does not get complete sleep. Experts say that this is anxiety caused by lack of sleep, due to which you cannot sleep and your stress level can also increase. Your daily work also gets affected by this.

Symptoms of Sleep Anxiety

  • Its main symptom is repeatedly looking at the clock to see how much time is left to wake up. It can be a symptom of sleep anxiety.
  • If you have sleep anxiety, you worry more while sleeping at night. Due to this, you do not get enough sleep and feel tired and dizzy the next day.
  • A person suffering from sleep anxiety mostly keeps searching for the right ways to sleep. Along with this, he tries to complete his daily activities on time.
  • Such people feel scared before lying down on the bed, they feel that they will have to make a lot of effort to sleep. They may suffer from sleep anxiety.

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