Obesity Side Effects: Obesity not only makes the body bad, it opens the way for 5 deadly diseases, know them


Obesity Side Effects: Obesity not only makes the body bad, it opens the way for 5 deadly diseases, know them

Obesity Side Effects: Obesity is very harmful for the body. Many people think that obesity makes the body shapeless, but this problem is much more than that. A lot of fat on the body can open the way for many major diseases. Obesity harms almost all the organs of the body.

As obesity increases, the functioning of the body also decreases. According to healthgennie.com, due to excess calories in the body, it gets converted into fat and becomes the cause of major diseases.

Fat is the cause of 5 diseases

Cholesterol – Due to increase in obesity, the amount of fat in the body starts increasing rapidly, which affects the entire body. Excess fat starts accumulating in the arteries of the heart and increases the level of bad cholesterol, which increases the risk of heart disease. Obesity can also cause heart attack.

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Diabetes- Diabetes is a lifestyle disease. If proper eating habits and lifestyle are not adopted then this fatal disease takes hold. Increased fat in the body becomes a major cause of this disease and makes it uncontrollable. If blood sugar is not controlled, serious problems start arising.

High BP – Along with diabetes, obesity is also responsible for high blood pressure. When extra fat enters the body, it starts accumulating in the veins. Due to this, the heart has to pump more forcefully to supply blood to the entire body. Due to this the blood pressure in the veins increases. In such a situation, the complaint of high BP starts.

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Liver disease- When the amount of fat in the body becomes too much, it also affects the liver functioning. Due to this, food is not digested properly and gradually the digestive system starts getting affected. Fatty liver can also be a problem caused by obesity.

Mental Health – It is not at all the case that obesity affects only physical health. Obesity can also badly affect mental health. This can lead to depression, anxiety and other mental disorders.

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