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Not a beauty spot, sometimes moles on the body become the cause of cancer, know the opinion of scientists

What does the appearance of mole on the body mean?

What does the appearance of mole on the body mean?

Things You Didn’t Know About Moles: It is very common to have small black or brown raised marks in any part of the human body. This thing is so common that many times some people do not even know where these marks are present in their body. These black-brown marks are called mole or wart. Also, they are called moles in the English language. If these small moles are visible in any corner of the cheek or near the lips in your face, then they enhance your beauty. But, if there are big black warts, then they also stain your beauty.

According to Hindu beliefs, mole has many different meanings. It is said that some moles indicate wealth and some indicate marriage, some give birth to children and some indicate happiness and prosperity. But, on the other hand, if we take off the glasses of religion and look at it from the point of view of science, then these moles are made of pigment Melanin, which is responsible for the complexion of the body. In today’s article, we will tell you about the scientific approach related to mole. So let’s know without delay the deep secrets hidden behind the mole:-

What is melanin and how is it related to mole?

Explain that melanin is a type of pigment, which is made up of many cells of the body. It is also called melanocytes, its main function is to set the complexion of the body. Whereas, when melanocytes are exposed to sunlight, they become moles. Apart from this, due to hormonal changes in pregnancy, diabetes, genes etc. are also the reasons for its formation. It can be one in the whole body and there can be many in one place.

What does it mean to get hair out of a mole?

As we all know, there is no problem in the body when the mole is removed. But, if they are big then they definitely look ugly. At the same time, there are some people who have hair coming out of their mole. Some people believe that the hairs on the mole are the cause of cancer, but this has not been proved by medical science. Explain that these hairs can be easily removed by waxing, plucking and threading.

At what age do moles appear?

Although mole can appear in the body at any time, there is no particular time for it. Moles can appear at any age from the time of birth till your death, but the good thing is that moles appear and disappear on their own. Let us tell that sometimes their dark color also becomes light, moles start disappearing with increasing age.

Can sesame cause cancer?

Although mole does not harm your body, but if more mole starts appearing in your body then it can cause cancer. These moles can also be dangerous for the body, they are called melanoma because it is a type of skin cancer. By the way, it has been proved in research that very rarely moles are made due to cancer. The problem arises when there are more than 50 moles on the body, then the chances of cancer increase a lot.

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