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Most people are losing their lives due to these diseases in the world, know the names of Top 10 Diseases

Causes of Death Across the World: In today’s busy schedule, the lifestyle of all of us is continuously deteriorating. This is the reason that the terror of diseases is increasing, a large number of people are losing their lives. World Health Organization (WHO) If we look at the statistics, in 2019, about 5.54 crore people died due to various diseases in the world. Apart from Kovid-19, there are many other diseases, which are killing people every year. Do you know what are these diseases?

Know the deadliest diseases of the world

According to WHO, after the year 2000, the graph of deaths due to heart related problems has increased. Currently ischemic heart disease (ischemic heart disease) is the biggest cause of death. In the year 2019, 5.54 crore people died due to various diseases, in which 16% of the deaths were due to heart disease. The rising death toll from diseases is worrying. At this time, heart disease can be called the biggest killer or decree of death. Stroke is the second deadliest disease.strokes) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at number three (COPD) Is. At the same time, lower respiratory infection is at number four and New Natal condition at number five.

Broncas and lung cancer are at number six in this list, Alzheimer’s and dementia at number seven. Diarrheal condition at number eight, diabetes mellitus at number nine and kidney disease at number ten. These are the 10 deadliest diseases in the world, if not treated at the right time, then a person has to lose his life. The number of patients of these diseases is increasing rapidly. In such a situation, people should be aware of these diseases.

anxiety caused by heart attack

Heart attack cases have increased rapidly in India for a long time. Many big stars in the entertainment world have also lost their lives due to heart related problems. According to the experts, due to the bad habits of bad lifestyle, eating unhealthy food, smoking and drinking etc., are responsible for increasing the heart attack. Using all the supplements in the desire to build a body in the gym also proves to be harmful for the health of the heart. That’s why everyone must do their routine health checkup.

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