Monkey Fever Karnataka: 2 people died in Karnataka due to monkey fever, know all the important facts about this disease.


Monkey Fever Karnataka: 2 people died in Karnataka due to monkey fever, know all the important facts about this disease.

Monkey Fever Karnataka: A disease that has emerged in Karnataka, in the southern state of the country, has given sleepless nights to the health department. Recently, two people died of monkey fever in Kaysanur forest region of Karnataka. Karnataka Health Department has come into alert mode after cases of this viral disease came to light. Preparations have been started to take steps to prevent it. Meetings and review meetings are being called to discuss this.

Where in Karnataka did deaths due to monkey fever occur?
This year, the first case of death due to monkey fever was reported from Shivamogga district. In Hosanagar taluk here, an 18 year old girl died due to this disease. Whereas, the second case was reported from Manipal in Udupi district. A 79-year-old man from Chikkamagaluru succumbed to the disease. So far, 49 positive cases of monkey fever have been reported in the state. In which 34 cases have been reported from Uttara Kannada district, 12 cases from Shivamogga and three cases from Chikkamagaluru district.

Monkey fever karnataka
The highest number of 34 cases of monkey fever have been reported in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka.

What is Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus?
The Health Commissioner of Karnataka himself is working to prevent this viral disease. According to the Karnataka Health Department, around 2,288 samples were collected from across the state. Infection has been found in 40 of these samples. Monkey fever found in Karnataka is also called KFD i.e. Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus. It is slightly different from common monkey fever. This is a tick borne encephalitis (TBE).

How does this disease spread?
TBE is spread by ticks of several species of tree-dwelling insects. The special species of insects that spread this disease is called Haemophasalis spinigera. Germs of Haemophysalis spinigera species are the principal vectors i.e. mainly responsible for spreading this virus. Small rats, wild monkeys and birds living in the Kyasanur forest range play the role of host in spreading this disease.

This disease spreads from wild animals to humans
This means that first it enters wild animals and then when these wild animals bite humans or its germs reach the blood of a human being for some other reason, then they become vulnerable to this dangerous disease. . In this disease, symptoms like headache, dizziness, stomach ache and skin rashes are seen.

Monkey fever karnataka
The first person to die from KFD disease in India was Hanumantappa Nayak.

When did the first case of KFD appear?
Kyasanur forest disease virus (KFDV) is an arbovirus. This disease is found in the Kyasanur Forest Reserve of India, and hence it is called Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus (KFDV). The first case of Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus (KFDV) was reported in the Kyasanur forests of India in 1957. A total of 3 people died in this case.

When did the first death due to KFD occur (First Case Of Death By KFD Disease)
The first person to die of this disease in India was Hanumanthappa Nayak. He was a resident of Humchadu village in Kyasanur tehsil of Shimoga district of Karnataka state. He was treated at Muruwa Hospital in Shimoga. Despite many efforts he could not be saved. This virus belongs to the Flaviviridae and genus Flavivirus families.

Monkey fever karnataka
To prevent KFD (Kyasanur Forest Disease), stay away from forested areas.

Are Monkey Virus and KFD the same?
Monkey virus and KFD are not one disease. However, one similarity between them is that both the diseases are spread by viruses, but there is a difference between them. However, both these diseases are dangerous and there is currently no treatment available for these two diseases. To avoid falling prey to these two diseases, the best option is to take precautions and safety measures.

Know the symptoms of monkey fever and KFD:table { border-collapse: collapse; width: 100%; margin-bottom: 20px; } th, td { border: 1px solid #ddd; padding: 10px; text-align: center; } th { background-color: #f2f2f2; } button { background-color: #4CAF50; color: white; padding: 10px 15px; border: none; border-radius: 4px; cursor: pointer; } button:hover { background-color: #45a049; ,

symptomsKyasanur Forest Disease Virus (KFDV)Monkeypox Virus
FeverIt is possibleIt is possible
dizziness or headacheIt is possibleIt is possible
Body aches and joint painIt is possibleIt is possible
confusionIt is possiblemay increase
cough and breathing problemsIt is possibleIt is possible
pimples or rashes on faceIt is possibleIt is possible
stomach troublesIt is possibleIt is possible
mouth ulcers or soresIt is possibleIt is possible
diarrhea or complicationsIt is possibleIt is possible
changing skin colorNoIt is possible

Now know the difference between monkey virus and KFD

  1. Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus (KFDV): It is an Arbovirus-borne virus which spreads to humans mainly through the bites of animals and birds. It is found in India.
  2. Monkeypox Virus: This is an orthopoxvirus that can spread from animals, especially monkeys, to humans. It is found in some parts of Africa.
Monkey fever karnataka
The first case of KFDV was reported in India in 1957 in Karnataka.

What are the measures to avoid KFD disease: (Kyasanur Forest Disease Precautions,

  • To prevent KFD (Kyasanur Forest Disease), stay away from forested areas: KFD viruses are found in forested areas, so staying away from these areas can prove helpful in prevention.
  • Avoid areas with heavy rainfall: KFD is more likely to spread during periods of heavy rainfall in forested areas, so it is important to avoid rainy areas.
  • Do safe safari: Whenever you go to forest or KFD affected areas, you should pay attention to doing safe safari, care should be taken that no wild animal bites you.
  • Please check your screen after returning from KFD affected forest area. If there are rashes on the skin, it may be due to infection. If this happens, get it checked immediately.

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