Liver Health: Unable to digest food properly? 5 bad habits damage the liver, it is better to leave them


Liver Health: Unable to digest food properly?  5 bad habits damage the liver, it is better to leave them

Liver Health: Liver is an important organ of our body. If liver functioning deteriorates then its effect on the body becomes visible. To keep the liver healthy, right lifestyle and eating habits are very important. Liver works to detoxify the body as well as digest food.

If the liver starts malfunctioning, it can cause major problems. According to Cleveland Clinic, liver helps in blood clotting. It removes toxic substances present in the blood and helps in the metabolism of fat and protein. There are some major reasons behind liver damage.

5 bad habits spoil the liver

Unhealthy diet – If you want to keep the liver healthy, it is very important to adopt right eating habits. If too many fried foods, processed foods, sugary foods, unhealthy fats are included in the diet, then they have a bad effect on the liver. Due to this, fatty liver problem may occur. Instead, include green vegetables, whole grains, seasonal fruits, cheese, curd etc. in the diet.

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Liquor – Drinking has become a status symbol for today’s generation. Alcohol affects the liver the most. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can cause serious life-threatening diseases like liver cirrhosis. Alcohol even increases the risk of liver failure.

obesity – Increasing weight brings influx of many diseases. Increased fat is also responsible for damaging the liver. As fat increases in the body, it starts accumulating around the liver. This also increases the risk of diabetes and fat can damage the liver.

Smoking – Like alcohol, cigarettes are also very dangerous for the liver. Its excessive consumption harms the heart, lungs as well as the liver. Smoking cigarettes also increases the risk of liver cancer. Passive smoking is also harmful for the liver.

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insufficiency of water – It is important to drink enough water for overall better health of the body. To keep the liver healthy, one should also drink plenty of water. Lack of water in the body can affect liver functioning. Due to this, the liver is not able to detoxify the body properly and toxic substances start accumulating in the body.

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