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Jyotish Shastra: Patients of anxiety and depression must do this work from today, otherwise…

Shastra: Offering Arghya to the Sun God is considered to be of great importance in Hindu theology. According to , due to the weakness of any planet in the horoscope, a person has to face many problems. At the same time, has also told about some measures to strengthen the planets. Different problems arise for a person when the planets are weak. If the Sun is weak or debilitated in the horoscope of a person, then he has to face anxiety and nervousness etc. If this happens to you too and you get nervous again and again. And if there is anxiety, then it is a sign of Sun being affected or debilitated in the horoscope. Sun is a planet full of confidence and energy. It has been told in that people who have a strong Sun do not have any problem in taking any kind of decisions in life. Such people are courageous, but when the Sun is weak, there is a lack of confidence in the person. It has been said in astrology that people suffering from some diseases should regularly offer prayers to the Sun God. So let’s know that people suffering from which diseases must offer Arghya to the Sun God.


People going through anxiety must offer prayers to the Sun God regularly. Because some people get anxious on small things. Such people start having anxiety attacks in the crowd. That’s why such people should regularly offer water to the Sun. This gives them mental strength with positive energy and they get a lot of benefits in such a situation.

patients with depression

The patient of depression should also give water to Suryadev regularly. According to astrology, this is why it is said that the sun and its light help in increasing the happy hormones in the human body. Not only this, they also help in increasing many other hormones. On the other hand, by offering water to the Sun God, new and good thoughts come in the human mind, which is considered very important for a person suffering from depression. It is said that depression increases a person’s BP and the person starts complaining of high BP. Sun strengthens a person mentally and physically. With this, a person can control depression. By regularly offering Arghya to the Sun, a person’s Sun becomes strong and he remains safe from such diseases.

According to astrology, the best time to offer Arghya to the Sun is before 9 in the morning. On the other hand, it is considered best to offer water during sunrise. While offering Arghya, it is considered auspicious to offer Ardhya with water mixed with jaggery and sesame seeds along with rice, sandalwood, and red flowers in a copper vessel. On the other hand, during sunrise, while facing the east direction, while chanting Surya Mantras, Arghya should be offered to the Sun. Doing this is beneficial for both mind and health.

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