Influenza Virus: Risk of getting influenza virus increased in children, WHO told these three important things


Influenza Virus: Risk of getting influenza virus increased in children, WHO told these three important things

Increased risk of influenza in children.

Increased risk of influenza in children.

Influenza Virus: Last few days, cases of H3N2 influenza virus were increasing across the country. This is a type of virus, which mainly affects the respiratory tract of children. Symptoms of influenza sometimes become serious. Because of this many times children have to be admitted to hospital. Due to timely detection of influenza virus, the patient also loses his life. Let us know what should be done to protect children from symptoms of influenza virus like cough, blocked nose, body ache, sore throat, chills, headache, fatigue, upset stomach, vomiting etc.

Make children aware about influenza

Since Corona arrived in 2019, the risk of getting infected by many viruses has increased. When such diseases spread in the country, then it is very important to make children aware about the symptoms of influenza. If you also see its symptoms, then go to the doctor and get tested immediately. However, there are vaccines available to prevent influenza viruses. To avoid this virus, it is necessary to keep the child clean and pay special attention to cleanliness in the house.

What are the causes of influenza?

Fluctuations in temperature are blamed for the spread of influenza virus in children and adults. But, many people ignore this thing. Symptoms of influenza may appear in children due to changes in weather, but they cannot be ignored as they indicate the presence of a virus. Whenever there is a change in the weather, the risk of getting infected with the virus increases. It is during this season only that children get infected with the virus. Therefore the months of September and November are called flu season in India. Parents of all children take special care of them to protect them from viruses.

Children under 5 years of age are 7 percent more likely to be admitted to hospital due to flu due to influenza virus. Children take at least 8 to 10 days to recover from flu.

World Health Organization gave information.

The World Health Organization has given 3 suggestions to experts to avoid influenza virus. With the help of which we can avoid virus infection.

definitely get vaccinated

To protect against influenza virus, first of all children should get vaccinated. Otherwise, you will become infected with the virus. You will not be able to know about this.

take care of cleanliness

To avoid viruses, keep children clean and take care of cleanliness in the house. Actually, due to dirt the risk of flu disease increases.

Do not send children to school if they have influenza

If the child is showing symptoms of influenza, do not send him to school or let him play outside with other children. Doing this can spoil the health of children.

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Disclaimer: This news is based on general information. Before implementing these methods and suggestions, definitely consult the concerned expert.

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