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If you walk after eating dinner, then it can be dangerous for you, know why

Walking after dinner can be dangerous for you.

Walking after dinner can be dangerous for you.

The world advises to walk after dinner. Walking is very important for health. It is necessary to walk for about 150 to 160 minutes in a week. Your walk should be at a proper speed. Your speed will depend on your health, at what speed you can walk, because just walking is not a walk. Let us tell you that it is generally considered correct to walk about 3 to 4 KM in 40 to 45 minutes for better heart rate. The elderly who are 70 to 75 years old and have heart problems, then their speed will be very low.

That’s why long walk should not be done after dinner

Media reports have quoted doctors as saying that long walks should not be done at night. Especially patients suffering from heart diseases should not walk at any time immediately after having food. The reason is that in the process of digestion of food, circulation of blood is more towards the intestine and stomach. In such a situation, there is a high possibility of increasing the problem of anginal pain and heart. On the other hand, if we talk about other normal people including youth, then after eating food, one should rest for 10 to 20 minutes. After this one should walk for 100 steps, which is better for the digestion process. However, long walks after dinner should not be done at all.

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Avoid eating heavy at night

Doctors advise that long walks should not be done after dinner. You must also be thinking that if you do not take a long walk, then the fat can increase. To avoid this situation, doctors have advised to eat light food instead of heavy food at night. If you feel more hungry at night, you can eat salad. By eating regular salads, after a certain time your hunger will start to calm down and there will be no need to work hard to digest the food.

Keep these things in mind for long walk

If you are fond of taking long walks, then remember that do not take long walks after eating food. If you want to walk then do it before eating food. If you have eaten food, then you should wait for at least one and a half to two hours, so that the food is completely digested. You can take long walks before breakfast, at lunch time and even in the evening, but keep in mind that the pace of the walk should be the same. For example, if you are walking at a speed of 5 kilometers per hour in the morning, then even during long walks in the evening, the speed should be 5 kilometers per hour. It proves to be more beneficial for you.

what to eat for night walk

Let us tell you that there is no such rule that you should walk immediately after eating.

Dinner should be light and less spicy.

After eating, one should walk 100 steps and then drink some water also, so that digestion is correct.

After this you can walk as per your wish.

Some other rules of the walk

If you have not walked in the morning or evening, then you must walk for at least half an hour. If you walk 5 to 6 days a week, then it is good for you and if you walk fast, then it is also good for your heart.

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