If you are in bad condition due to cough, then try these remedies to get relief


If you are in bad condition due to cough, then try these remedies to get relief

Ayurvedic treatment of cough.

Ayurvedic treatment of cough.

Cough Remedies: Due to the changing weather, many people complain of cough. As you know cough is a common problem. Usually people have to face this many times. People are very much troubled by the problem of cough. It is often a symptom of some other problem. Excessive cough causes pain in the throat, ribs and stomach. The problem of cough arises when there is some obstruction or problem in the throat. Due to this the body starts coughing, so that the problem can be reduced. Cough is common in problems like viral infections, colds and flu. Come, let us know in detail the symptoms of cough and the ways to get relief from it.

Cough Symptoms

However, cough itself is a symptom of some or the other disease. But let us tell you that cough also has its own symptoms. Come, let us know about those symptoms…

sore throat


feeling cold

inflammation of the windpipe

Throat pain

Pain in chest

runny nose

Body pain



sinus infection etc.

Remedies to get relief from cough

Drink warm liquids.

Warm liquids, such as soup or water, tea, can help keep the throat moist as well as reducing the cough.

Consume honey.

Honey is rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Along with this, minerals and vitamins are also included in it. Which can help in reducing the irritation and swelling of the throat.

Consume ginger.

Ginger has anti-inflammatory and anti-toxic properties, which can prove effective in relieving cough and other respiratory problems.

Suck liquorice.

Liquorice has the power to reduce cough. That’s why consuming it during cough can prove beneficial.

Drink rock salt water.

Regular gargling with rock salt water can reduce throat irritation and bring out the mucus accumulated in the throat. Along with this, the swelling of the throat will also reduce.

If you are also feeling the below symptoms along with cough, then contact the doctor immediately.

– If you have cough for a long time.

– Coming of blood or mucus during cough.

Cough with fever, shortness of breath and chest pain.

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