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How did people live more than 100 years ago? Know the best ancient remedies for healthy and long life

This is the big secret behind longevity in earlier times

This is the big secret behind longevity in earlier times

Why do people live longer in ancient times: You must have often heard the elders of your house talking about their problems. Everyone’s favorite dialogue is that when we were of your age, we used to help our parents in all household chores. We may laugh off his words, but it is true that the people of earlier times used to be very fit and active. If noted, earlier people used to live easily even for 100 years, whereas in today’s modern times only 50 to 60 years are left. The biggest secret behind his longevity was some rules of Indian tradition, which helped a lot in changing his life and keeping him healthy.

By following these rules, he used to make his life better. In today’s time, science and doctors also recommend taking the help of old methods to live a long life. Let us tell you that there are many things to be learned in ancient Indian culture. India is famous all over the world for its yoga, in today’s time, not only in the country but also in the world, yoga is changing the lives of many people. So without wasting any time let us see some of the best rules from ancient India. By following which you can increase your age and make it better.

Follow these rules of ancient India to get long life-

1. Tell that in earlier times people used to wake up in Brahma Muhurta. In today’s time, many people have morning after 11 o’clock. Let us tell you that the habit of getting up early in the morning is considered good for our health. Waking up early maintains the balance of our melanin and cortisol hormones.

2. Start your day with yoga, meditation or exercise in the morning. With yoga, not only your body but also your mind remains very healthy. You can protect yourself from many types of diseases.

3. Earlier people used to wake up early in the morning and take bath first. Bathing is the most important part of your healthy lifestyle. Taking a bath in the morning also keeps your blood pressure under control.

4. The most important thing to do after taking a bath is to remember God. Even today the elders of our house start their day with worship. By doing this your day goes very well.

5. Earlier people used to start their day by offering water to the sun. Doing this improves your eyes and mental health. By doing this, the deficiency of Vitamin D in your body is fulfilled.

6. In today’s time people eat their food sitting at the dining table. But earlier people used to eat food sitting on the ground. Your stomach does not come out by eating food by crossing your legs, as well as you get relief from joint pain. Your digestion also gets better.

7. Earlier people used to eat with their hands. Which has also been an important part of Indian culture. When we eat food with our hands, our fingers directly alert the brain. Due to which the food gets digested easily.

8. In earlier times, people used to eat more homemade healthy and less fried spicy food than outside. Which is very good for our health.

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