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Heart Diseases: Hair will tell the condition of heart health, read what was revealed in the study

Hair May Predict Future Risk Of Heart Disease: Hair works to make any person look good, but do you know that with the help of hair, you already know about serious diseases related to the heart. Yes, a study has claimed that the condition of our heart health can be known by the hair of all of us. In fact, researchers have found a stress hormone in the hair, measuring which can predict future cardiovascular disease risks. The study, published at this year’s European Congress on Obesity (ECO) in Dublin, Ireland, suggests that glucocorticoid may be present in the hair of individuals. With this, the possibility of future CVD diseases in humans can be detected. The researcher said, “There is evidence that chronic stress is a serious factor in determining overall health.

Hair will reveal the secret of heart disease

He added that our findings suggest that if people have high glucocorticoid levels in their hair over a long period of time, they are more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases. Cortisol and cortisone have been detected in the hair of 6,341 adult men and women. Those whose hair was tested were followed for an average of 5–7 years to assess the association between cortisol-cortisone levels and CVD During the 133 CVD events, the findings showed that people with high long-term cortisone levels had twice the risk of heart disease, such as stroke or heart attack. However, in most cases of cardiovascular disease, Child cortisone and cortisol were not associated with incident CVD.

Know which claims were made in the study

Professor Elisabeth van Rossum, head of the study from the Erasmus University Medical Centre, said: “We hope that analyzing hair as a test may prove useful, helping clinicians determine which individuals may be at a higher risk of developing heart disease. Then, perhaps in the future, examining other effects of stress hormones inside the body could become a new treatment target. Also, studies have observed that stress can cause cardiovascular disease. cannot be formed, but it does indicate that these two things are connected.

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