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Heart Attack: If these problems appear in the body before 30 years then be careful! red alert for heart disease

Symptoms appear before a heart attack.

Symptoms appear before a heart attack.

Heart Attack Symptoms Before 30 Years: Although every part of the human body is very important, but the heart is a slightly more important and sensitive part. If the heart stops beating for a few seconds, then the person may die or go into a coma. This is the reason why we all should take special care of our heart health. Generally, cases of heart attack are seen after the age of 45, but nowadays there is no age left for this serious disease. Recently, many such cases have come to the fore, where young people have died due to heart attack. However, if the signs of this deadly disease are recognized at the right time, then human life can be saved. In such a situation, you should know that you start getting the signs of heart attack only after the age of 30. That’s why instead of ignoring the minor symptoms seen in the body, you should go to the doctor. So let’s know about those symptoms, which alert you to heart disease by giving red alert.

If these symptoms appear in the body before the age of 30, then you can be a victim of heart attack: –

– chest pain

If a person has any heart related problem, then chest pain is the main symptom. These signs often appear in the very last stage. Nowadays even youth of 25-30 years become victim of heart attack. Every year thousands of people under the age of 30 die due to cardiovascular diseases. That’s why chest pain should not be ignored thinking it as any other pain. Please tell that if you are sweating along with chest pain, then it is necessary to reach your nearest heart hospital as soon as possible. Keep in mind that sometimes heartburn is also due to acidity, but if this pain is coming back soon then you should not ignore it. Try to understand the difference between chest pain and heartburn.

– panting while climbing stairs

Energy, stamina and enthusiasm are naturally very high in your body during the days of youth. But, if you have tiredness and breathlessness due to light or heavy work, then it can also be a sign of danger. Usually in the age of 30-40, climbing stairs fast is not a difficult task, but if you get tired while climbing stairs, start getting breathless and have to stop, then these can be signs of heart problem.

– snoring while sleeping

Now you would think that snoring is a common thing, but there can be many reasons for snoring in sleep. Usually, this problem is not seen in the youth. If a person has a problem of snoring at the age of 30-35, then it is a sign of some respiratory problem. Along with this, snoring can also mean that your heart is not working properly. That’s why there is a problem of snoring and shortness of breath, then you must consult a heart doctor.

– Jaw pain

Pain in the jaws sounds very normal, but ignoring this symptom can be a big mistake. Often people consider jaw pain as toothache and wait for the pain to subside by taking its medicine. If it happens 1-2 times then it is okay, but it should not be done again and again. It may also happen that this pain is not related to the tooth but is related to heart problem. That’s why if there is pain in the jaws, then one must meet the dentist, as well as meet the heart doctor and get some necessary tests done.

Tingling sensation in one part of the body

Cholesterol is a major cause of heart problems. Due to increase in cholesterol, the blood flow in the body starts getting obstructed and the risk of heart attack increases. If the cholesterol in your body increases a lot, then as a pre-sign, the body starts tingling. If you feel like this continuously for a few days or one side of the body is not able to function properly, then it can also be a pre-sign of heart related problem.

Note: By the way, at the age of 30-40, without taking medicines, you can cure heart problems by making some lifestyle changes. If there is a need, just to show awareness towards these symptoms and not to ignore them continuously.

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