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Health Tips: Your face opens up many deep secrets related to health, be careful if you see these signs!

Our face means face is related to our health (What Your Face Say About Your Health) gives many indications, the functioning of the internal organs of the body is behind the small and big changes on the face. This is the reason why doctors find out whether any disease is growing inside you by looking at the face. Here we are telling you about some such symptoms, which are related to any health problem.Health Problems) can be an indicator. Which you need to be careful about. Senior Physician at Sarganga Ram Hospital, Delhi Dr. M. Wali According to this, all the parts of our body are connected to each other. Changes like marks, pimples, swelling, rash on the face indicate a lack of nutrients or disease in the body. These can be controlled by improving diet, and consulting a doctor.

  • rash on forehead,

Having a rash on the forehead indicates a disturbance in digestion and an increase in the amount of toxins in the body due to negligence in food and drink. In this case, junk food. Consume antioxidant-rich foods like green tea, flaxseeds, lemon water. Pimples occurring in the lower part of the forehead indicate stress, depression, weak blood circulation, lack of sleep. For protection, start sleeping early at night and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily. Do morning walk, meditation, yoga in the morning.

  • hair fall,

If a person’s hair is falling out around the age of 50, there may be genetic reasons. But if the hair has started falling from a young age, then it can be due to lack of protein in the body. Such a person may also have problems like joint pain, back pain, fatigue, crooked nails. To this, take protein-rich diet like pulses, egg white.

  • Red nerves in the eyes,

This condition indicates liver damage, due to which there is a possibility of other stomach diseases. It can take a serious toll if not taken care of. To this, eat less spicy green vegetables for about 10-15 days. Drink at least 2-3 glasses of lemon water a day. Lemon water helps in keeping the liver healthy.

  • reddening of the lower eyelid,

Look at the eyelids under the eyes by moving them slightly. If it is getting red from inside then it indicates high amount of sugar in your food. If you do not pay attention, you can become a victim of diabetes.

  • swelling under the eyes,

Such eyes indicate that there is too much pressure on your liver or kidneys. This can be due to pressure, drinking alcohol, high sugar level or unhealthy . To avoid this, first of all drink more water. If possible, drink detox water. Cut a lemon and cucumber in water and keep it for at least an hour. Straining the water and drinking it will give relief in swelling of the eyes. Consult a doctor if you do not get relief.

  • Having two vertical lines between the eyebrows,

These indicate an increased amount of fat and phlegm in the liver. The more the load on the lever increases, the more lines are formed in the eyebrows. In such a situation, instead of junk food, increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables in the diet gives relief.

  • darkening of the skin,

If the area under the eyes starts turning black or the area behind the neck or under the armpit is turning black, then these pigments indicate that your body is becoming insulin resistant and you are becoming a patient of sugar. That is, the cycle of production and secretion of insulin produced in the body has been disturbed. In this case, consult a doctor without delay.

Freckles or small brown spots on the nose and cheeks, it indicates that your body is being affected by non-natural things such as consuming more chips, consuming more medicines or using plastic. Drinking tea or eating food in utensils. If not taken care of, there is a risk of developing arthritis or bone disease later. To avoid this, eat vegetables like green coriander-garlic chutney, mint, fenugreek.

  • acne on nose,

Acne on the nose can occur due to high blood pressure. Or large-sized pimples indicate impurity in the blood. It is caused by excessive consumption of things like alcohol, smoking, tea. The color of the nose looking more red than the face indicates that the liver is not working properly. Swelling at the corner of the nose indicates an increased amount of sugar and fat in the body. In such a situation, drink more water and avoid consuming things made from maida.

  • Chapped or dry lips,

There is a common belief that the edges of the lips are cut due to the effect of the weather. But it also happens due to a lack of vitamin B-12, which helps in the proper transport of blood and hormones throughout the body. For vitamin B12, eat raw peanuts and 10-12 grains of almonds daily at night.

Due to lack of hemoglobin in the body as well as poor blood circulation, the lips look dry or discolored. Due to excessive salt, fatty acids and sugar in the blood, the color of the lips starts turning black. It also indicates weakness of kidney and liver. Due to hormonal disturbances or smoking in the body, lines start appearing on the lips. Due to eating junk food, sitting or being constipated, the rash starts around the lips. If this happens, eat more and more green vegetables and avoid stale food.

  • red rash on face,

These indicate a fungal infection in the body, the effect of which is visible on the face as well. In such a situation, eating sour things should be stopped. Anti fungal medicine should be taken after consulting a skin doctor.

Presentation- Rajni Arora

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