Gym Heart Attack: 5 mistakes made in the gym can cost you life! If you want to avoid heart attack then do not ignore it


Gym Heart Attack: 5 mistakes made in the gym can cost you life!  If you want to avoid heart attack then do not ignore it

Gym Heart Attack: Irrespective of age, everyone is fond of building their body. Women also like to sweat a lot in the gym to reduce fat. There is no doubt that gym helps in keeping healthy, but some mistakes made during gymming can be very costly. These mistakes can even result in loss of life.

Nowadays, there have been many cases of deaths due to heart attack and cardiac arrest while training in the gym. Why does this happen? This question must be coming in everyone’s mind. Carelessness and mistakes made during gym become the reason for this. If you also go to the gym, then avoid making these mistakes.

Things to keep in mind in the gym
People often go to the gym to stay fit. If you have recently started gym training, then it is important to keep some things in mind. If this is not done, it can cause great harm to the body. According to Indian Express, going to the gym and exercising on your own can be harmful.

Do not do intense exercise as per your wish – If you have recently started training in the gym, then avoid doing intense exercise on your own. Talk to your trainer about this first and only then start it. Some exercises put pressure on the spinal cord and heart, which can be quite harmful if done incorrectly.

Do not take supplements – Most of the people have started resorting to supplements to build their body quickly. Prolonged use of supplements can be fatal for the body. The compounds present in it can also cause heart attack. In such a situation, it is wise not to use supplements.

Over exercise – The problem of doing too much exercise at one time is faced by both new and old people who train in the gym. Many times your body cannot handle intense exercise and its effect on the heart becomes visible.

If you have chest pain, stop – If you are exercising and feel even slight pain in the chest, then stop the exercise immediately and relax yourself. If you are a heart patient and do not stop exercising when you have chest pain, it can cause a heart attack.

Take doctor’s advice – If you are a heart patient or suffering from diabetes or any other similar serious disease, then definitely consult a doctor before starting the gym. Do gym training only after doctor’s advice. In case of any physical problem during training, contact the doctor immediately.

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