Frequent mouth ulcers are a sign of stomach upset, 3 home remedies can relieve the problem


Frequent mouth ulcers are a sign of stomach upset, 3 home remedies can relieve the problem

Mouth Ulcer Home Remedies: The problem of mouth ulcers is very painful. Due to increased heat in the stomach, the problem of blisters or ulcers arises in the mouth. There can be many reasons for mouth ulcers. This may include eating too much chilli spicy food, continuing medication for a long time. Many people often have the problem of blisters. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to eat or drink anything. If you suffer from this problem, then some home remedies can prove to be very effective in case of blisters.

To completely eliminate the problem of blisters, proper eating habits along with necessary changes in lifestyle are very important. Apart from this, some easy home remedies can also be very effective in this problem.

Home remedies to treat blisters

buttermilk – The main reason for mouth ulcers is increased heat in the stomach. In such a situation, drinking buttermilk is very beneficial. This helps in calming the heat in the stomach. Apart from this, gargling with buttermilk also provides relief from the problem.

Ice – If the pain in the blisters has increased, then applying it with a piece of ice provides a lot of relief. If swelling has arisen due to this, it also provides relief.

Tea Tree Oil – Applying tea tree oil can be beneficial in the problem of blisters. Anti-bacterial properties are found in it, due to which applying it on ulcers gives quick relief. It can be applied on the ulcers three to four times a day.

Garlic – Garlic can also be effective in treating ulcers. Prepare garlic paste and apply it on the ulcers and leave it. Wash it after applying it for 15-20 minutes. The anti-bacterial and anti-biotic properties present in garlic help in healing ulcers.

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