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Feet remain as cold as ice even after sitting snuggled up in a quilt? Know which serious signs the body is giving you

What is the reason behind cold hands and feet in winter?

What is the reason behind cold hands and feet in winter?

Cold Hand And Feet In Winter Season: Everyone wears warm clothes, gloves, socks, etc. to protect themselves from the harsh winter season and the chilling winds. Due to the ongoing cold wave in North India, people have been forced to be imprisoned in their homes. Due to the cold, we have to resort to appliances like heaters and blowers in the houses. Along with this, people are sitting in blankets and quilts. But even after doing so much effort to prevent cold, there are some people whose hands and feet do not get warm even sitting in blankets and quilts. This problem has become very common, there is a person in every house whose hands and feet are always cold. If this problem is troubling you too, then be careful because it can be a sign of many diseases developing in your body. These signs should never be ignored. So, in today’s article, we will tell you that this problem of yours is leading you towards which diseases and how can you get rid of it?

These are the reasons for keeping hands and feet cold in the winter season: –

According to media reports, some people naturally have cold hands and feet without any underlying disease. In such a situation, they need to take extra care of their health. Now we will tell you which diseases this problem indicates: –

– Lack of proper blood circulation

Deterioration of blood circulation in the winter season is a very common reason for cold feet and hands of a person. As the outside temperature drops, our body turns to work to keep the core warm. Due to which our blood vessels shrink and less blood reaches the core part of the body, due to which the hands and feet become cold.

Anemia problem

The problem of anemia in the body occurs when the number of red blood cells in a person decreases. This happens due to iron, B12 deficiency or any chronic kidney disease. Because of this our hands and feet become cold.

Diabetes problem

If you are suffering from diabetes, then you need to take special care of yourself in winter. Because this can also cause circulation problems in the feet and hands. Abnormal blood sugar levels can have a bad effect on the arteries. Due to which the blood supply to the tissues decreases and the hands and feet become cold.

Hypothyroidism problem

An underactive thyroid gland maintains low levels of thyroid hormone. Which have a bad effect on metabolism, which has a bad effect on blood circulation and body temperature. Due to this, hands and feet can remain cold.

Get rid of the problem of cold hands and feet

If you have a problem with cold feet, here are some ways to warm them up-

1. Do not walk barefoot on the ground in winter, definitely wear socks and slippers.

2. Stop smoking completely. Because nicotine does not allow blood to reach the body properly.

3. It is very important to reduce your cholesterol level.

4. Don’t take stress.

5. Exercise to improve blood circulation.

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