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Feeling Sleepy After Eating: Why do you feel sleepy after eating, know its scientific reasons

Feel Sleepy After Eating: You must have often noticed that after eating food, you start getting very sleepy. Although we feel this throughout the year, but in winter the eyes become more heavy. There is a problem with people working in offices that when they eat food, they start getting terrible sleep. It seems as if if you get 10 minutes of sleep then the body will be completely fresh. Food is necessary for the development of the body, it gives energy to the body and we are able to work well throughout the day. But what is the reason for the tremendous sleep that comes after eating food? Let us know :-

Increasing and rapid occurrence of sugar in the blood

Nutritionist experts and scientists say that when we eat food, our intestines (intestines) and the whole body to digest food (digest) starts working for. When a person eats high sugar food, the sugar in the blood suddenly increases and then starts decreasing rapidly. In such a situation, the reason behind sleepiness may be due to low blood sugar level. Because of this, the person feels tired and starts feeling sleepy.

Hormones are also a big reason behind sleeplessness

Due to low blood sugar level, it is not necessary to get sleepy. Sometimes the hormones produced in the body also play an important role in falling asleep. Actually, after eating food, sometimes a hormone named serotonin starts forming rapidly, which makes a person sleepy.

What kind of diet brings sleep

According to media reports, tryptophan (tryptophan) Taking a diet rich in amino acids called naam makes a person sleep more. This is because this amino acid is involved in the production of serotonin. Tryptophan is found in many protein rich foods like cheese, egg etc.

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