Drink this flower water at home in summer, body will get coolness


Drink this flower water at home in summer, body will get coolness

Benefits of drinking flavored water.

Benefits of drinking flavored water.

Cooling Infused Water: Drinking water is a must during summers. Most of the people are not able to drink normal water in required quantity. In such a situation, today we are telling about Flavor Water, which makes plain water tasty. In addition, it also provides many benefits to health.

summer time Flavored water also hydrates and energizes the body. The reason behind this is that healthy things like seasonal fruits, lemon and mint are used while making flavored water.

Pineapple Coconut Infusion

First of all, flavored water makes you feel good and refreshing in hot summer days. To make it, first of all, you have to put chopped pineapple pieces and fresh coconut pieces in a jar. After this, you can drink flavored water by adding cold water to it. If you want, you can also add ice cubes and lemon juice to the Pineapple Coconut Infusion.

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Flavored water made from lemon and orange

You can also use lemon and orange for flavored water. Actually, Vitamin-C is very much needed in our body. To make it, you have to pour water in a jug. Add 1 lemon slice, 1 orange slice and some fresh mint leaves after crushing them. After this, your lemon and orange flavored water will be ready. You can also put ice in it as per your wish.

Make flavored water with the help of cucumber

Cucumber is present in every household during summer. You can also prepare flavored water with its help. To make this, you have to put cold water in a jar. Then put cucumber slices in it. Also add a quarter cup of fresh mint leaves. Now you can drink it. According to experts, all these flavored waters prove to be very good for our body during summer.

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