Do this miraculous exercise to get rid of the problem of Neck Hump


Do this miraculous exercise to get rid of the problem of Neck Hump

Do this exercise to get rid of neck hump.

Do this exercise to get rid of neck hump.

Neck Hump: In today’s time, people make many efforts to reduce the increased weight. So that they can keep their body fit and maintain as well as look beautiful in every dress. People do many types of yoga to reduce the increased weight, but due to not being able to reduce the fat of the neck and back, their entire look gets spoiled. Although, the fat around the waist is covered with the help of our clothes, but the neck fat or neck hump is very difficult to hide. Because in today’s era, more and more people work while sitting. Be it office work or any other household work, due to which they have to face the problem of Neck Hump.

Due to sitting for a long time, people have to face many physical problems. Many people have the problem of back pain, while some people have to face the problem of poor neck structure. Because due to sitting in the wrong way, a lot of fat accumulates on the back and this problem is mostly seen in plus size people. Due to this, they feel a lot of pain on their neck.

Causes of Neck Hump

When you overuse any of your muscles or sit with poor posture for long periods of time, the muscles become tight and painful muscle clusters form. These muscle knots actually feel like a neck hump.

Follow these exercises to reduce neck hump

Many types of exercises can be done to reduce neck hump, in which some exercises are as follows-

push-up exercise(Push Up Exercises)

You can do this exercise regularly to get rid of neck hump problem. Because this exercise proves helpful in reducing body fat as well as neck fat. By doing push-ups, there is more effect on your chest and neck, due to which the neck starts coming in shape.

How to do push-ups

To do this, first of all, lie down on your stomach keeping both your hands and feet on the ground.

Then after this you straighten the whole body by lifting it from the ground with the help of both your hands.

Then you have to lower your body slowly from top to bottom.

By doing this regularly, your neck fat will reduce and your look will also look good.

Glute Exercise

You can include glute exercises in your daily routine to reduce your neck fat or neck hump. Because this exercise is helpful in relieving pain in the lower back and reduces neck fat. This exercise is also helpful in strengthening and activating the glutes, which you can do very easily.

how to do glute exercises

  • First of all, bend your knees and keep your feet apart from hip-distance.
  • Keep your feet at a distance of about one foot from your hips.
  • Relax your arms alongside your body with your palms facing down.
  • While exhaling, bring your feet close to your hips.
  • Stay in this position for 10 seconds and then move them away from your hips.
  • By doing this exercise daily, the problem of neck hump will go away soon.

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Cobra Pose

You can do cobra pose regularly to reduce your neck fat. Because by doing this your body gets many benefits. Many people also know it by the name of Bhujangasan. By doing this, not only will the extra fat of the body be reduced, but the shape of the neck will also be improved.

how to do cobra pose

  • To do cobra pose, lie down on your stomach on the mat.
  • Then bring both your hands near the chest.
  • During this process, keep your elbows towards the ribs.
  • After doing this, lift your chest upwards and take a deep long breath.
  • Then you slowly move the head backward while rotating the shoulders.
  • Finally, while exhaling, move your chest down.
  • Repeat this process daily.

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