Do not ignore the pain in the face, Orofacial pain can also be the reason


Do not ignore the pain in the face, Orofacial pain can also be the reason

Know what is orofacial pain.

Know what is orofacial pain.

Know What Is Orofacial Pain: Orofacial pain is pain felt in the mouth, jaw, or face. This pain is basically defined as a pain in the face or oral cavity. In today’s time it is very common to have this disorder. It is estimated that in more than 90% of cases, orofacial pain can lead not only to dental conditions, but also to temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Other complications include post operative pain, neuropathic pain or headache.

What are the causes of Orofacial Pain?

– Trigeminal neuropathy: It is a type of neuropathic (related to the nervous system or nervous system) disorder, in which the patient has a lot of pain on his face. This pain is caused by a nerve called the trigeminal nerve.

– Neurovascular Disorders: Migraine is the most common neurovascular disorder, it causes pain in the eyes and other muscles of the face.

Temporomandibular disorders: The main cause of orofacial pain is temporomandibular joint disorder, which causes pain in the lower jaw. Be aware that orofacial pain can also be caused by the spread of any temporomandibular joint surgery.

– Burning mouth syndrome: This condition is seen more in patients with nerve damage, insufficient saliva production, fungal infection, deficiency of certain drugs and diabetes.

– Uterine cervix: In this condition, pain due to spinal cord injury, muscle and ligament damage may be encountered, as well as orofacial pain.

– Trauma: Accidents are the most common cause of temporomandibular disorders and other spinal disorders, which also cause orofacial pain.

– Sleep Disorder: Sleep disorders may also result in orofacial pain accompanied by grinding or clenching of teeth during sleep.

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