Do not ignore joint pain in children: They may be suffering from juvenile arthritis, be alert if you see 5 signs


Do not ignore joint pain in children: They may be suffering from juvenile arthritis, be alert if you see 5 signs

Juvenile Arthritis: Arthritis is usually a problem of increasing age. Very few people would know that children can also suffer from arthritis. Many times children complain of constant pain in hands and legs or stiffness of joints, in such a situation it can be difficult to ignore their problem.

If a child repeatedly complains of joint pain and cramps, then it is important for parents to be alert, because these can be symptoms of juvenile arthritis. According to Myoclinic, swelling in children’s joints, persistent pain, stiffness all point towards juvenile arthritis.

What is Juvenile Arthritis?
Very few people would be aware of juvenile arthritis. This problem is actually a type of arthritis which is seen in children. Due to this disease, there is swelling and stiffness in the joints of children. Juvenile arthritis affects children 16 years of age or younger. This is an auto immune disease.

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Why does this disease occur?
There can be many reasons for children becoming victims of juvenile arthritis. This is a genetic disease and unhealthy lifestyle can also be the reason for this disease. Due to lack of physical activity, it affects the bones and children can suffer from this serious disease.

Symptoms of Juvenile Arthritis
Some major symptoms of juvenile arthritis disease are seen in children. It involves recurring and intermittent onset of joint pain. Apart from this, if the child has difficulty in walking independently, this can also be due to juvenile arthritis. Cramps in joints, severe pain while getting up and sitting, formation of lumps on fingers and growth of bones are also symptoms of juvenile arthritis.

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Keep these things in mind
It is very important to improve the lifestyle of children who are suffering from juvenile arthritis. Involve children in as much physical activity as possible. Always bathe children with lukewarm water. Include such things in your diet which have anti-inflammatory properties. Do not be careless in this disease and keep taking doctor’s advice from time to time.

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