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Diabetes symptoms: This symptom seen in urine is a sign of diabetes, be careful

This symptom seen in urine is a sign of diabetes

This symptom seen in urine is a sign of diabetes

Diabetes symptoms: Diabetes is called दिभाबत in Hindi. This is such a disease, which occurs due to increase in the amount of glucose in human blood. Pancreas is found in our stomach, in which a hormone called insulin is made. Its job is to break down glucose from food to be used as energy in the cells. Sometimes insulin is not produced in sufficient quantity in the body or our body is not able to use insulin properly. Then the amount of glucose in our blood increases and cannot reach the cells. Because of this we get diabetes. Diabetes is such a disease, due to which we get problems like heart related diseases, kidney disease, eye disease and stroke. Sharing the information, the medical website Diabetes.co.uk said that whoever has diabetes, a symptom is seen in their urine. If those symptoms are seen in the urine of a person, he should immediately consult a doctor.

According to the medical website Diabetes.co.uk, if a person has frequent urination and those who have to urinate frequently, they are at a higher risk of developing type 1 and type 2 diabetes. People who urinate more than 3 liters in a day are at risk of diabetes.


Passing urine more often can cause dehydration. If it is not treated, it can affect the kidney. In diabetes, the amount of sugar in the blood is high, so the kidney is not able to reabsorb all the sugar and the glucose from the blood goes into the urine and absorbs more water there. Thus the body is making large amounts of urine.

According to experts, if the amount of glucose is high, the body tries to separate it from the blood through the kidneys, which filters more water.

symptoms of diabetes

frequent urination

weight loss

Dizziness often

frequent thirst

feeling tired

ways to reduce sugar

Stop taking sugar in food, so that extra sugar does not enter your body.

Avoid foods that have high sugar content, such as cold drinks, potatoes, rice, sugar, etc.

Walk regularly after meals.

Exercise regularly, this can control the sugar in your body.

Increase the intake of green vegetables and drink plenty of water.

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