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Demand for periods leave raised in Haryana, Lado Panchayat is being held for the rights of women

Haryana Lado Panchayat: The problem of periods in women is a very natural process, about which efforts are being made to spread awareness across the country through TV, newspapers and magazines. This is such an issue on which people often shy away from talking, but Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has put this problem of women in front of the world very well. In today’s modern era, everyone knows about periods. But what they don’t know are the many problems that come with menstruation.

Yes, when a woman has periods then a lot of blood comes out of her body. This natural process brings with it a lot of pain, cramps and mood swings. In such a situation, Kerala’s Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) took an important decision in favor of women, if seen, we can call it historical. In fact, recently this University of Kerala had announced to give leave to girl students during their periods.

Lado Panchayats being held in Haryana

Taking inspiration from this commendable step taken by the University of Kerala, Lado Panchayats are being held in a village of Haryana. In these panchayats, demands are being made for working women to get leave during periods. A special law on women’s health is also a very important part of this demand. Now the question arises that how did this issue reach the Panchayats? In fact, Shama Parveen, who lives in Aligarh, is a common teacher teaching in a government school. Like all other teachers, they also have to do all the work which is a part of their job. But every month during periods she feels very uncomfortable. In such a situation, they have to suffer mood swings, pain and cramps.

They say that the problems in the body can be tolerated, but how can one tolerate the myths related to periods. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to leave the house and walk. All the time it remains in the mind that something should not happen which will make us feel ashamed. Women face many similar problems. In such a situation, a new initiative has been taken from Haryana. Girls in every village are making this demand by holding panchayats themselves on the issue of periods. In the panchayat, there is a demand from the government to take necessary steps for women’s health.

What is period leave?

Please tell that period leave is given in many countries. Paid period leave came into practice during the Second World War. It is followed in some countries like Japan, South Korea and Indonesia. You will be surprised that a school in Kerala in India adopted this trend in the year 1912. Period leave is a system of giving paid leave to women during periods. These holidays are given every month. It is different from medical leave and any other type of leave. Women can take this leave as per their requirement, thus these women get some relief in those days of pain and difficulty.

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