Delhi Air Pollution: Air pollution is affecting mental health, know the ways to prevent it.


Delhi Air Pollution: Air pollution is affecting mental health, know the ways to prevent it.

Delhi Pollution’s Impact On Mental Health: The level of pollution in the capital Delhi and its surrounding areas is continuously increasing. Because of this people are facing many problems. At present, it is becoming very difficult for people to breathe poisonous air. Today the air quality index in Delhi is around 422. Even before the onset of winter, pollution has increased the problems of the people.

The increasing pollution of the capital not only affects the lungs and heart but also has a negative impact on mental health. Due to pollution, many problems related to mental health start occurring like irritability, anger, feeling stressed. The biggest reason behind this can be the ever increasing pollution. Let us know how pollution affects mental health.

What Effect is Pollution Having on the Brain?

Living in pollution increases the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s or confusion in small particles PM 2.5 Neurodegenerative Disorders. Apart from this, noise pollution emanating from metro cities is also affecting people’s sleep. Because of this, the sleep cycle of the people living here is getting disturbed.

What effect is pollution having on health (Air Pollution For Health)

The level of pollution in Delhi has increased so much that people feel lonely due to lack of walking in the morning, spending time in parks and outdoor activities of children. This makes people feel isolated. This is the reason why increasing pollution also has a negative impact on mental health.

What should be done to avoid pollution?

do yoga and meditation

Reduce the impact of pollution on your health. For this, you should do exercises like meditation, yoga and mindfulness while staying at home. If these exercises are done daily, stress can be reduced. It is believed that yoga and meditation, when done daily, help relieve anxiety.

use air purifier

At present, air pollution has reached a very serious situation. To avoid this, try to use air purifier to clean the air in the house. In addition, the house should have good ventilation.

Bring changes in lifestyle.

To deal with the ever increasing pollution in the capital Delhi, it is more important to bring changes in lifestyle. For this, consume seasonal fruits and vegetables. This will provide the body with plenty of protein. Consume more fruits containing Vitamin C and exercise daily. Whenever going out of the house, use a mask. Apart from this, add turmeric to lukewarm water or milk and drink it or take steam daily.

keep yourself busy

To avoid stress, keep yourself busy with work. Also, pay more attention to indoor activities. Try to control stress and anger. Try to interact with people in the neighborhood. Also, sit in peace for a while.

install air purifier plant

To avoid pollution and clean the air, plants should be planted in the house. This naturally improves the oxygen level. For this, plant snack plant, peace lily, money plant, Erica tree and many other plants inside the house. This can help in reducing pollution.

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Disclaimer: This news is based on general information. Before implementing these methods and suggestions, definitely consult the concerned expert.

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