Cotton candy is dangerous for children: Know why the government banned the sale of ‘old lady’s hair’, know here what is the advisory


Cotton candy is dangerous for children: Know why the government banned the sale of ‘old lady’s hair’, know here what is the advisory

Cotton candy Banned by Government: Everyone must have tasted a soft and pink looking sweet dish in their childhood. People selling it are often found in fairs, weddings, villages and streets of cities. Children insist on getting it from their parents or relatives and why not, its taste is so amazing. We are talking about cotton candy, generally people also know it by the name of ‘old lady’s hair’.

Cotton candy is being mentioned here because officials in the Union Territory of Puducherry have found harmful (toxic) chemicals in it during investigation. After this, the Puducherry administration has decided to completely ban the sale of cotton candy. Know why the government banned it and issued advisory.

Governor informed about banning cotton candy

  • Puducherry Lieutenant Governor Tamilisai Sundararajan recently released a video on her official social media accounts and informed about the ban on cotton candy. In this he has appealed to the public to avoid buying cotton candy for their children, because the harmful chemicals found in it are harmful for health. Food safety officials tested cotton candy and found trace amounts of Rhodamine-B, a toxic substance.
  • The Lieutenant Governor has given another advice to the people. According to which, children should avoid buying such food items in which chemicals are used for color. Tamilsai Sundararajan has posted a video issuing the advisory. However, according to a report in India Today, shopkeepers who have clearance certificates from the Food Safety Department. He can sell cotton candy.

Rhodamine B can cause cancer, also fatal for liver 
Let us tell you that on the instructions of the administration, a team of the Food Safety Department collected samples of cotton candy from different areas of Puducherry and got them tested in the lab. Now some shops have been sealed after poisonous substances were found. On the other hand, according to the National Institutes of Health (, Rhodamine B, also commonly known as RhB. It is a chemical compound. Which is used as a dye. After entering the body with food items, it has a distributed effect on cells and tissues. Eating food mixed with RhB for a long time can cause cancer or liver damage. Its presence in excessive amounts can cause a condition similar to poisoning.

What is old lady’s hair (Cotton candy)
to cotton candy "fairy floss" And in villages it is also called old lady’s hair. This is not a traditional Indian sweet or snack. Cotton candy is a type of spun sugar, which is popular in many countries. It is made from sugar syrup, then spun through small holes. Where it freezes in mid-air and is deposited on a stick or cone. It is made in different colours.

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