Chagas Disease: This disease is like a silent killer, know its symptoms, otherwise life will end


Chagas Disease: This disease is like a silent killer, know its symptoms, otherwise life will end

This disease acts like a silent killer.

This disease acts like a silent killer.

Chagas Disease: Attackers sometimes do not take the disease seriously. But we forget that there are some viruses, which keep on slowly destroying the part of the body, but we all remain unaware of it. The trend of Chagas disease is also similar. Explain that the disease often goes unrecognized by already sick individuals until problems arise and it is too late for effective treatment due to lack of testing and awareness.

Chagas disease is a ‘silent killer’ that slowly damages the heart. Because of this, it causes serious digestive problems. It is a silent killer disease that can slowly destroy hearts. This disease is afflicting hundreds of thousands of Americans. Even then most of them are completely unaware of their condition. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 300,000 people in the US suffer from Chagas disease, which is spread by the ‘kissing bug’ and can cause serious heart disease.

What is Chagas disease

The infectious disease known as Chagas disease is caused by the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi. Triatomine (Raduvid) The insect excretes the parasite present there. This condition is also called the “kissing bug”. This disease is very prevalent in America and Mexico. Triatomine pest is most commonly found in these areas. According to experts, cases of Chagas disease have been observed occasionally in the southern United States.

Chagas disease, often referred to as American trypanosomiasis, can infect anyone. Chagas disease can cause serious heart and digestive problems if left untreated. Chagas disease is caused by an insect, which bites humans around the mouth and can later transfer the parasite through their mouth, nose, or skin cracks.


Chagas disease can range from a major infectious disease to a minor disease affecting people infected with it. Despite the fact that many people do not have symptoms until the chronic stage, they can be mild or severe. There are two stages of Chagas disease.

Acute phase

The infected site swelling


drowsiness rash

Body pains

Eyelid enlargement


Reduced appetite

Vomiting, diarrhea, or nausea

Enlarged glands

Chronic phase

Abnormal heartbeat

Heart attack

Unexpected cardiac arrest

Swallowing issues caused by an enlarged esophagus

Constipation or stomach discomfort caused by an enlarged colon

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