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Can drinking beer remove kidney stone? Know from the study how much lie and how much truth in this

Can drinking beer remove stones?

Can drinking beer remove stones?

Does Beer Remove Kidney Stones: Nowadays, due to deteriorating lifestyle, the problem of stones has become very common. There is one or the other person in every house, in whom the problem of stones is seen. But if you have ever noticed, people often recommend drinking beer to eliminate stones. People believe that drinking beer removes stones and there is no need to get an operation done. Who knows whether this is true or not? In today’s article, we will discuss whether drinking beer really cures stones.

This was said in the American report regarding beer and stones

If you also think that drinking beer will cure your stone, then you are thinking wrong. Yes, this is just your illusion, it has nothing to do with the truth. According to a report by the American Addiction Center, there is no evidence that drinking beer can cause kidney stones. But it is definitely possible that if you are drinking beer again and again in the process of removing stones, then it can cause serious problems like kidney damage, kidney failure, blood pressure, cancer and weak immunity.

drinking beer does not cure stones

People believe that drinking beer will make you urinate again and again, then it will be easy for the stones to come out of the body. While the ACC report clearly states that be it alcohol or beer, nothing helps you to get rid of kidney stones. For this, either you have to undergo surgery or your doctor prescribes medicine according to the stone, only then you can get rid of the stone. At the same time, in recent times, WHO had described even a drop of alcohol as deadly as poison for our body. In such a situation, instead of reducing your problem by drinking beer, you are increasing it.

How big are the chances of getting a stone out of beer?

Some important things related to this series have been mentioned on the official website of Max Hospital. According to those who drink beer, the toilet comes more, in this way you can take out a small stone. But if your stone is bigger than 5 mm then beer may not help you. Along with this, it has also been told on the site that if you are unable to go to the toilet due to pain, but you drink beer, then this situation will prove to be very dangerous for you. Beer will make more toilet but you can’t get it out. In such a situation, your pain will also increase and you may also have to face the problem of dehydration.

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