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Bruce Lee: The death of the uncrowned king of martial arts was revealed after 50 years, know how Bruce Lee died

Mystery Of Bruce Lee: Martial artist and superstar Bruce Lee (Bruce Lee) who has innumerable fans of his action around the world. martial arts (martial arts) It’s been 49 years since the great artist Bruce Lee passed away. Bruce Lee’s films are still watched with great fervor and enthusiasm all over the world. 20 July 1973 Bruce Lee breathed his last at the age of 32 and the cause of his was not yet known. But now after 49 years, the mystery of Bruce Lee’s has been revealed. A team of scientists has revealed the real cause of Bruce Lee’s .

Great Bruce Lee died because of this

Till now some people said that Bruce Lee died due to cerebral edema ie swelling in the brain. His autopsy report at the time showed that his brain was swollen to 1,575 g (3.5 lb), much higher than the average of 1,400 g (3 lb). Therefore, it was being said that Bruce Lee died due to swelling of the brain.

But, now a team of scientists has told that Bruce Lee died due to drinking too much . Yes, you read it right, this superstar died due to drinking too much water. An article published in the Clinical Kidney Journal states that ‘based on the available data it can be concluded that the cause of death of Bruce Lee was cerebral edema due to hyponatremia’.

Bruce Lee was following liquid diet

According to several media reports, Bruce Lee was following a liquid diet. He was consuming protein drinks in his diet, which increased his thirst. According to a news agency, ‘Bruce Lee was at increased risk of hyponatremia due to homeostasis system problems. Which controls both the amount and loss of drinking water in the body. Let us tell you that superstar Bruce Lee made his debut with the Hollywood film ‘Enter the Dragon’. Then Bruce Lee’s fitness and action attracted the attention of many people.

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