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Bone-strengthening milk is also becoming the cause of serious diseases, read here how to choose perfect milk

serious milk diseases

serious milk diseases

Disadvantages Of Milk: Milk is very good for our health. Mothers are often after their children, drink milk, you will grow up faster, etc. The simple meaning of this is that milk is very beneficial for our health. But, who knows whether there is truth in this matter or not? Now, if you listen to grandmother, then milk makes bones strong, you should drink milk daily, because drinking milk reduces toothache. By the way, we are not saying that these things are wrong, but the equally big truth is that it is not necessary that milk is good for every body type.

You have been drinking milk continuously for so many years, so it is possible that your stomach has learned to digest milk. But, this does not mean that it is good for your body. It has been claimed in many media reports that drinking milk can cause many diseases and you have to understand that milk may be the real reason for some problems happening in your body. So, in today’s article, we will see whether milk is good for us or not?

milk protein can make you sick

There is a type of protein in milk, which can give rise to health related problems in the body. This protein fragment is A1 beta casein protein, which is present in cow’s milk. This protein can cause many physical problems, such as common cold, sinus problems (inflammation around the nose), fatigue, stiffness in the body, type 2 diabetes, autism, and neurological disorders.

Which type of milk is healthy?

After counting so many diseases, now the question arises that if cow’s milk is causing the problem, then what kind of milk should we consume? Actually any milk that does not contain A1 beta-casein protein. It is classified as healthy. Such milk is called A2 milk, it is processed milk which is recommended by dieticians. However, to think that this mutation of milk is absolutely correct and does not harm anyone, it is also not entirely true. Research is still being done on A2 milk.

Take care of your needs while drinking milk

Technology and science have developed so much that now different types of milk have started coming according to the needs of human beings. In such a situation, milk made from nuts is also available in the market. So you just have to identify the deficiency of your body and you can choose milk accordingly.

If you are deficient in fat then full cream milk will prove to be the best option for you.

– If your body is deficient in protein and fat is high then you need skimmed milk.

– If you do not have any problem with milk, but the nutrition profile is not good, then you should drink double toned milk.

If you need more energy and less fat then toned milk will be right.

If you need carbs and protein in equal quantity then drink goat’s milk.

If you have problems with milk protein, you can drink A2 milk.

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