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Blocked Nose: Get instant relief from blocked nose! Try these great tips, you will get relief in minutes

Blocked Nose:winter seasonwinter season) in cold (cold) problems like this are very common. To protect against these, it is very important for our immunity system to be strong. The risk of viral infection also increases a lot in winter, many times people’s nose gets blocked as soon as the weather changes. Due to this they have difficulty in breathing. This problem especially occurs during the night, due to which your night is spent in tossing and turning. In today’s article, we are telling you some tips to reduce the problem of blocked nose in cold and flu: –

– Steam

Taking steam can be very beneficial when the nose is blocked. You can also use a steam machine for this, as well as take steam by boiling water in a utensil and adding Vicks to it. Keep in mind that while taking steam, you have to keep your eyes closed and inhale the steam.

– eat spicy food

You can eat some spicy food to open the blocked nose. This will give you instant relief, yes it is true that spicy food is not good for your health and you should avoid eating it. But, it is very effective in opening the blocked nose.

– Hot Water

Due to the closed nose, the right amount of oxygen does not reach the brain, due to which many problems can arise in your brain. Therefore, to open the blocked nose, you can consume hot water, if you want, you can mix honey and ginger juice in it and drink it. It is very useful in cold and flu.

– nasal spray

Nowadays, many types of nasal sprays have started coming in the market to open the nose. You can open your blocked nose by using them. But use it only after consulting a doctor. At the same time, camphor also proves effective in opening the blocked nose. Sniffing camphor also provides relief from blocked nose.

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