Benefits of Rambutan Fruit: If you want to avoid Nipah virus, then eat Rambutan fruit.


Benefits of Rambutan Fruit: If you want to avoid Nipah virus, then eat Rambutan fruit.

Benefits of Rambutan fruit.

Benefits of Rambutan fruit.

Benefits of Rambutan Fruit:Nipah Virus is spreading rapidly in Kerala. Today we are going to tell you about a fruit which will help you to avoid Nipah virus. The name of this fruit is Rambutan fruit. Let us know. About this fruit.

rambutan fruit

According to experts, Rambutan fruit is also known as Nephelium lapaceum. This fruit is a fruit of the Sapindaceae family found mainly in South East Asia. If we talk about fruits coming in Sapindaceae family, then many fruits like litchi, longan etc. are included in it. This fruit is known for its taste and texture. Many varieties of this fruit are found in India, whose taste, color, appearance and texture are different from each other. This fruit is known by names like Rambustan, Pulasan and Hujrana in India.

why topic of discussion

The biggest reason for this fruit to be in the news is the death of a child. In the year 2021, a 12 year old child died in Kerala due to eating this fruit. However, in September this year it was revealed that the death of this child was not due to eating fruits but due to Nipah virus. If reports are to be believed, in May 2018, 17 people died due to this virus in Kerala. This is the reason why this fruit once again became a topic of discussion. People are afraid to even eat this fruit. But let us tell you that when this fruit was researched at the Institute of Virology of Pune, it was found that no virus of any kind was found in this fruit nor Nipah virus.

Benefits of Rambutan fruit


Rambutan fruit contains high amount of water. There is no shortage of water in the body of the person who consumes it. Along with fulfilling the water deficiency, it also helps in keeping the body hydrated.

Takes care of heart health

This fruit is rich in potassium, which helps in controlling blood pressure i.e. BP. Consuming this fruit reduces the risk of heart related diseases. Along with this, the antioxidants found in this fruit help in keeping the heart healthy by eliminating oxidative stress and inflammation.

store of vitamins

Rambutan fruit is called a storehouse of vitamins because it contains abundant amounts of vitamins. Mineral elements like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium and iron are found in Rambutan, which keeps away from many diseases.

rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants like Vitamin C, carotenoids and phenolic are found in abundance in this fruit, which protects against viruses that damage the body cells. If you consume this fruit, the risk of chronic diseases present in your body can also be reduced.

source of fiber

Rambutan fruit is rich in fiber, which is a panacea for eliminating stomach related problems.

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