Aluminum Utensils: Do not cook food in aluminum even by mistake, know right or wrong


Aluminum Utensils: Do not cook food in aluminum even by mistake, know right or wrong

Is it right or wrong to cook food in aluminum utensils?

Is it right or wrong to cook food in aluminum utensils?

Aluminum Utensils: Many types of utensils are used for cooking in the kitchen. Some of these utensils are beneficial for our health and some cause harm. Many people also use aluminum utensils. These utensils are lighter and cheaper than other utensils. Have you wondered whether cooking in aluminum utensils is beneficial or harmful to health? If you don’t know then tell us whether cooking in aluminum is right or wrong…

Aluminum utensils are found in almost all homes, know why

1. Aluminum utensils are light in weight.

2. Utensils are good heat conductors. Therefore food is prepared quickly.

3. These utensils are used in both gas and oven.

4. Rule utensils are cheaper than other utensils.

5. Sometimes aluminum utensils work as non-stick utensils. Because of this, food is prepared quickly.

6. Aluminum utensils are scratch resistant, that is, they do not get scratched easily.

Is it safe to eat in aluminum utensils?

According to the World Health Organization, a person can consume just 50 milligrams of aluminum a day. If we talk about a person’s health, then any quantity more than this can be harmful for health.

How does aluminum reduce leaching?

1. Anodized aluminum utensils should be used for cooking, which have a coating and do not get absorbed into the food through leaching.

2. The coating layer of aluminum should be detected. If such metals have been used in it, which are harmful for health, then do not use them.

3. Do not use broken aluminum utensils for cooking. This may cause leaching problems.

4. If you are using aluminum utensils in the kitchen, then it is more important to follow all the rules. These should not be cleaned with metal pliers. Doing this may remove its coating.

5. If possible, emphasis should be given on the use of parchment paper instead of aluminium.

Is it right or wrong to eat food in aluminum utensils?

Attention If you are also eating food in aluminum utensils, then there may be loss of many nutrients in the body. It is clear from this that by cooking food in aluminum utensils, many elements of aluminum enter the food and cause harm to health.

1. Cooking on high gas causes leaching. When highly acidic food has been prepared, which includes tomatoes, lemon etc. In fact, leaching occurs in small amounts and is easily eliminated through the digestive process for a healthy person.

2. Consuming food in such utensils has a bad effect on the health of many people. It also depends on the person’s health, digestive power and his genetics.

3. That’s why many times doctors advise not to cook food in aluminum utensils. This entire process also applies to those carrying food in aluminum foil. Therefore, a person should avoid carrying aluminum foil in tiffin. You must have seen in many hotels that its use for packing food has reduced.

4. If it is used beyond a limit, there is a higher risk of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and cancer.

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Disclaimer: This news is based on general information. Before implementing these methods and suggestions, definitely consult the concerned expert.

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