Air Pollution: If you are facing problems due to pollution, then keep yourself safe like this


Air Pollution: If you are facing problems due to pollution, then keep yourself safe like this

Air pollution.

Air pollution.

Air Pollution: The level of air pollution is continuously increasing in Delhi, which has increased the concerns of the people. The air of many other cities including Delhi has become difficult to breathe. Due to polluted air, people are facing all kinds of problems. In such a situation, people are facing burning sensation in eyes, difficulty in breathing and sore throat. In such a situation, it is important to take important steps to keep ourselves safe in the deteriorating environment.

Some guidelines have been issued by the Department of Environment, in which they have advised people to take some ways to improve air quality and some precautions to stay healthy. Some guidelines have been issued by the Environment Department, so that people can keep themselves safe. According to Air Quality Index (AQI), adopt these methods to improve air quality…

AQI- 201 to 300 (bad) adopt these things

When the AQI level of atmospheric pollution is between 201 to 300.

Get the vehicle engine repaired properly.

Do not keep the air pressure of vehicles low.

Keep the PUC certificate (Pollution Under Control) of your vehicles updated.

Stop the car at red light.

Do not throw garbage here and there.

Do not drive petrol-diesel vehicles. Give preference to electric vehicles.

Do not burn crackers on Diwali.

Do not use vehicles older than 10/15 years.

Do not exercise in the open.

Things to keep in mind in Air Quality Index 301 to 400 (very bad)

Do not use personal vehicles. Use public transport.

After some time, change the place i.e. air.

Avoid construction etc. during the months of October to January.

Avoid going to crowded places.

Do not burn garbage.

Avoid going out in the morning and evening.

Do these things in case of Air Quality Index (AQI) 401 to 450 (severe)

Do not use vehicles to get around.

Use public transport to go to office and school.

Choose the option of work from home.

Avoid lighting a fire.

Deal with outside work together so that you do not have to go out again and again.

AQI- above 450 (very serious) Things to keep in mind during this period

Keep heart patients, elderly, respiratory patients, heart patients and cerebrovascular patients (brain related problems) etc. at home and avoid going out.

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