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After all, why do warts occur on the genitals, read here the symptoms and prevention of this serious disease

What disease is genital warts?

What disease is genital warts?

Genital Wart Symptoms And Treatment: The problem of genital warts can occur in both men and women. These warts appear on the genitals and due to these, people start having problems like pain, discomfort and itching in their genital area. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the cause of genital warts. It is a sexually transmitted infection. This strain is quite different from HPV 6 and HPV 11, both of which are considered high risk strains. Which can go ahead and cause cervical dysplasia and cancer.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), HPV is the most common of all STIs. Everyone who is sexually active faces the complications of HPV along with genital warts. HPV infection is most dangerous for those with a vulva, as high-risk strains can also cause cervical cancer and vulva cancer.

– What are the symptoms of genital warts?

Genital warts are spread through sexual activity, which includes oral, vaginal, and anal sex. After recovering from this infection, you will not face the problem of genital warts for several weeks or months. Let us tell you that genital warts are not always visible to you. They are very small and skin colored or slightly darker. Explain that these can be in the form of a group of warts or just a single wart.

In men, genital warts appear in the following areas:





in or around the anus

– Genital warts in women appear in the following areas:

inside the vagina or anus

outside the vagina or anus

on the cervix

For information, let us tell you that genital warts can appear on the lips, mouth, tongue or throat of a person who has oral sex with a person with HPV.

These are the common symptoms of genital warts

Even if you cannot see the genital warts, you may still have these symptoms:-

vaginal discharge



feeling jealous

If a genital wart spreads or becomes large, the condition can also become more painful.

What causes the problem of genital warts?

According to the National Cancer Institute, about 90 percent of genital warts are caused by HPV. There are 30 to 40 strains of HPV that specifically affect the genitals, but only a few of these strains cause genital warts. The HPV virus is most commonly spread through skin-to-skin contact. This is the reason why it is considered an STI. In fact, HPV is so common that the CDC says that most sexually active people will encounter it at some point.

However, this virus does not always cause complications like genital warts. In most of the cases, this virus gets cured on its own without any health problems. Genital warts are usually caused by strains of HPV that are different from the strains that cause warts to appear on your hands or other parts of your body.

How is the problem of genital warts treated?

By the way, the genital warts that are visible, they often go away on their own with time. HPV can live in your skin cells. That’s why it is very important to understand the symptoms. As we told you, genital warts will not spread to others as long as there is no sexual contact between two people. You cannot treat the condition with over-the-counter (OTC) wart removers or any treatment to relieve or improve the painful symptoms of the condition.

Treat with these drugs

For the treatment of this disease, the doctor can give you the following advice:

imiquimod (Aldara)

podophyllin and podofilox (Condylox)

trichloroacetic acid or TCA


If visible warts don’t go away with time, you may need minor surgery to remove them. Your doctor may remove the wart through these procedures:


laser treatment

excision or cutting of wart

injections of the drug interferon

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