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US China Tensions: America will teach a lesson to China, now this warship with 90 fighter jets landed in the Pacific Ocean

The USS Ronald Reagan of the US Navy is the second largest warship in the world. Which America has landed in the sea with and to teach a lesson to China. This warship has been deployed near . This warship has all the features related to war.

According to media reports, Taiwan issued a statement saying that 68 , 13 warships crossed the middle line. Frustrated by US Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, China may be conducting a major military exercise to encircle Taiwan. But on the other hand the Pacific Ocean has the largest naval force in the world led by the US Navy.

It is reported that navies of 26 countries, including the US, are participating in the RIMPAC exercise. The special thing is that Indian Navy and Special Forces are also participating in this exercise. At the same time, 10 warships and 20 fighter jets of China have crossed the median line. The midline is an informal border between China and Taiwan.

Regarding the exercise, China says that it is not an easy but very important exercise. In this, for the first time, conventional missiles will pass over Taiwan. Along with this, the PLA army will enter Taiwan up to 22 km depth. The army will surround Taiwan from all sides. The PLA wants full control over Taiwan. China conducted similar military exercises in 1995 and 1996 as well. However, in today’s time the circumstances have changed. China has become even more furious since the visit of Nancy Pelosi.

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