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Russia-Ukraine War: Vladimir Putin arrived in Ukraine for the first time amid the war, drove a car in Russian-occupied Mariupol

In the midst of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has suddenly arrived in Mariupol, Ukraine. According to information, Putin has reached Mariupol by helicopter. After this, he also visited many places by driving the car himself. During this, Putin also spoke to the citizens of Mariupol. Let us inform that the Russian army has occupied Ukraine’s Mariupol since May 2022. Russian President Vladimir Putin has arrived here for the first time after the capture of Mariupol.

According to Russian media, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a surprise visit to Mariupol on Sunday. This is the first visit by a Russian President to the Russian-occupied areas of the Donbass region of Ukraine since the war between the two countries. The Russian army has completely occupied the city of Mariupol in Ukraine. The Russian army has occupied the city since May last year. During this, Putin also met a family in the Nevsky district of Mariupol.

Let us inform that earlier the International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued an arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin. The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant against Putin on Friday evening i.e. March 17 amid Russia’s ongoing attacks on Ukraine. Along with this, apart from Putin, the ICC has also issued an arrest warrant against Russia’s Children’s Rights Commissioner Maria Alekseyevna Lvova-Belova. At the same time, the reaction of Ukraine’s President Zelensky has also come to the fore. He said that this is just the beginning. He described this decision of the International Court as the first and good step in the direction of justice. Entire 39 countries had given their support on this motion against Russian President Putin in the International Criminal Court. These included other countries including Britain, France, Netherlands

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