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Pakistan: ‘Terror’ factory at Imran Khan’s house, will be busted in some time

The residence of former Pakistan PM Imran Khan will be searched.

The residence of former Pakistan PM Imran Khan will be searched.

The dispute between the present government and Imran Khan in Pakistan is not taking its name. The campaign against PTI supporters involved in the protests after the arrest of Imran Khan on May 9 is being carried out in full swing. At the same time, there was information about the presence of terrorists in the former PM’s residence this week. After this, now the Punjab Police has also come into action mode. She is planning to search Imran Khan’s Zaman Park house in Lahore.

According to media reports, Aamir Mir, Information Minister of Pakistan-based Punjab province, said that around 400 policemen would conduct a search operation today under the leadership of the city’s police commissioner. He said that we have information that about 40 terrorists are hiding at his residence. It was also said that the police team would fix an appointment with Imran and then search his house in the presence of cameras. Acting Chief Minister of Punjab Mohsin Naqvi said that permission will also be taken from Imran Khan to conduct the search. If they refuse to give permission, further course of action will be decided. Meanwhile, it was also informed that six terrorists who were running away from Imran’s residence have also been caught. The Punjab Police has claimed to have arrested about 14 terrorists who fled from Imran’s house so far. After the search warrant is issued from the court, now the search operation will go on.

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Imran Khan said – will continue the fight till the last ball

Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan said on Friday that he will continue his fight ’till the last ball’. He said that Pakistan (Pakistan) Only the court is protecting human rights in India. Along with this, while attacking the Shahbaz government verbally, Imran said that the country has been taken over by a bunch of miscreants. The country has to be freed from their clutches. He said that at present the country is facing the most serious economic crisis and unemployment remains at its peak, but the people sitting in power are not worried about it, they are only focusing more on crushing the big leader of the country.

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