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Pakistan: Bulldozer fired at former PM Imran Khan’s house, petrol bomb found, supporters create ruckus

Bulldozer on Imran Khan’s house.

Bulldozer on Imran Khan’s house.

Pakistan: Uproar has started once again regarding former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. Pakistan police took bulldozer action on Imran Khan’s house. The police entered inside by breaking the door of his house. Petrol bomb has been recovered after searching his house. At the same time, his supporters are creating ruckus. The police have taken several supporters of Imran into custody.

At the same time, the police have used water cannons to control the supporters. If sources are to be believed, during this time bullets were fired at the police from the roof of Imran’s house. Violent demonstrations have started at various places. Emergency has been imposed in all the hospitals of Islamabad.

Supporters pelted stones at the police

Today Imran Khan was to appear in the court in the Toshakhana case, but before that the Lahore Police has started action against Khan. The police entered his house by breaking the door and arrested the PTI workers. A lot of anger is being seen among Imran’s supporters regarding this. His supporters are protesting against the police in different parts of the country. The supporters pelted stones at the police, but this time the police were well prepared to deal with Khan’s supporters. The police have taken several supporters into custody.

If sources are to be believed, the police have also fired bullets from Imran’s roof. The police thrashed Khan’s supporters with lathis and water cannons were used on them. The police have come to arrest Khan. Today more than 10,000 jawans have been brought in to arrest Khan. Clashes are being seen between Imran supporters and the police at many places.

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