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Nigeria: Clash between farmers and herders, 85 people killed, many injured

Clashes between farmers and herders in Nigeria.

Clashes between farmers and herders in Nigeria.

The violent clash between farmers and herdsmen in Nigeria does not seem to be abating. So far 85 people have been killed in this violence. At the same time, many people are seriously injured. After the death of so many people, more than three thousand people have been forced to relocate in Central Nigeria. According to media reports, violence erupted in several villages of Nigeria on Monday, after which the first 30 deaths were reported. However, later an increase in the death toll has been seen. This is an area where tension has been prevailing in the name of caste and religion for many years.

people had to leave their homes and be displaced

According to media reports, after the violence that erupted in Nigeria, thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes and migrate to other places. Also, hundreds of houses have been ruined and completely damaged in Vibhishika. At least 3683 people have left their homes and been displaced due to the violence. Also, over 720 houses were either partially or completely destroyed in the violence. The number of serious people is not yet clear. The number of serious people in violence can also increase.

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Police also made some arrests

According to media reports, 57 people injured in the violence are undergoing treatment in the hospital. police in this case (Nigeria police) Has arrested five people so far. Also, taking the situation seriously, a large amount of force has been deployed. A police spokesman said that so far peace has been restored in many villages. However, the police are still trying their best to restore peace. The spokesman said that soon there would be a peaceful situation in all the villages and strictest action would be taken against the miscreants.

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