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Iran Hijab Row: Iran government bows down to protesters, know why ‘Morality Police’ system will end

demonstrations in iran

demonstrations in iran

At last the government has bowed down before the people of Iran. The Iranian government has decided it is disbanding units of the Morality Police after months of protests against the strict dress code. According to the report of the news agency ISNA, now the government of Iran has suspended the Morality Police itself. The police had adopted a repressive attitude even against the demonstrations taking place in the country.

After the death of Mahsa Amini, Iranian women strongly opposed the hijab law and the government. Despite all the uproar, the women continued their protest. In the end the Iranian government had to bow down. Now the Government of Iran has suspended the Morality Police itself. The police enforce Islamic law in Iran. On Saturday, Attorney General Mohammad Jaffer told that the Morality Police has nothing to do with the judiciary. It has been removed.

What is the ethics police?

The Morality Police was established in Iran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution to deal with social issues. After this, in 1983, wearing the hijab was made mandatory for all women in Iran. Also, there was a provision of punishment for violating this law. Not only this, some restrictions were also imposed regarding the meeting of men and women. For this, the Government of Iran had entrusted the Morality Police with the responsibility of taking strict action against anyone who violates Sharia based Hijab law. But Mahsa Amini was arrested by the police on 16 September. Amini did not cover her head, so the police detained her. The police were accused of torturing Amini during their custody. After this, the protest against Hijab spread like a fire across the country. People took to the streets across Iran to protest against the government.

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