India-Canada Conflict: Threat of attack on Hindu temple in Canada, Canadian MP shares video, demands action


India-Canada Conflict: Threat of attack on Hindu temple in Canada, Canadian MP shares video, demands action

Indian-origin Canadian MP Chandra Arya.Indian-origin Canadian MP Chandra Arya.

India-Canada Conflict: Despite India’s sharp reactions, the terror of Khalistani supporters in Canada is not stopping. Khalistanis have once again released a video and threatened to attack the Hindu temple. Khalistanis have said that they will attack Lakshmi Narayan Temple on Sunday. This video has been shared by Indian-origin Canadian MP Chandra Arya. Expressing strong objection to the threat by Khalistanis, he said that the Canadian police should take strict action against it.

What did Canadian MP Chandra Arya say?

Canadian MP Chandra Arya wrote that last week Khalistan supporters misbehaved with a Sikh family outside the Sikh Gurdwara in Surrey. Now it looks like the same Khalistan groups are planning to attack the Hindu Lakshmi Narayan Temple in Surrey. He further said that all this is being done in the name of freedom of expression. He said that I demand strict action from higher officials and police in this matter.

Arya said that during the last few years, there have been several attacks on Hindu temples. There has also been an increase in crimes against Hindu-Canadians. He said that it is not right to allow these things to continue openly and publicly. In August this year, a Hindu temple was vandalized with posters of Khalistan referendum by extremist elements in Canada.

Nijjar was murdered

The poster at the temple gate featured the photograph of Khalistan Tiger Force chief and designated terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, who was killed in June this year. This is not the first attack on a Hindu temple in Canada. Many such incidents have been carried out by Khalistani extremists. Many incidents were also recorded this year. Meanwhile, relations between India and Canada have soured after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, during a debate in the Canadian Parliament, claimed that his country’s national security officials had reasons to believe that Agents of the Indian government have carried out the murder of Canadian citizen Nijjar.

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